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Everybody can become a DJ

The main mission of YouDJ is to make DJing the most easy as possible. The powerful technologies such as AutoSync or AutoBPM will assist you to mix music like a pro even if you have no preminary knowledge. YouDJ is in a way the perfect first DJ software to use.

(Video) YOU DJ MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free

All the must-have DJ tools

Despite that YouDJ is a minimalist DJ software, it includes all must-have DJ tools : 2 virtual turntables, 16 sound effects such echo/flanger/crusher, sampler with 80 built-in samples, realistic vinyl scratching, auto beat synchronization, keylock, seamless loops, playlist automix, hotcues, 3 bands equalizer, crossfader, music visualization (party mode), MIDI control, headphones...

Mostly FREE! no ad!

I am a solo programmer doing this per passion, that's why YouDJ is mostly FREE!! The mobile app is entirely free, and the desktop must-have DJ tools are free but you can buy more pro tools. You won't find another DJ software/app as good as YouDJ for free, I can guarantee :D

Preloaded with music

YouDJ is preloaded with 3000 songs, you don't need to have your own music! These songs are provided by emerging artists so please support them. In addition, you can play music from different sources : YouTube, your local MP3 files, Beatport, Beatsource, Google Drive, Dropbox, iTunes...

Mix with YouDJ online!

YouDJ web version, no install

Download YouDJ now!Available on all platforms

More info about YouDJ

Why YouDJ?

(Video) YOU DJ MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :

I believe that everybody is able to DJ and have tons of fun doing it !
That's why I worked more than 10 years to build the ultimate DJ software for new DJs.
I designed it all to be super fun and easy-to-use, be prepared to waste lot of time* ;)
It is also very powerful, you got all tools you need to mix music and videos online!
Hoping you will love it :)
Erik the programmer

* (hopefully no body will read this) So... I am not responsible for your time wasted on YouDJ especially if it causes : being fired from your job, getting bad marks on exams, your mother to freak out, your hamster to die because you forgot to feed him, your girlfriend or boyfriend to break up with you, your ears to bleed, your father's hifi speakers to get blasted, or any problems that could potentially ruin your life ;)

How to mix (video tutorial)

What you got is a traditional DJ setup : 2 turntables and a mixer.
Your mission is to play simultaneously two songs on each turntable and to use the mixer in the center to mix them together.
Then you can spice up your mix with DJ effects, loops, scratch, EQ, sampler...

Click here to launch the YouDJ startup tutorial again or click on the video below to see the tutorial from DJ Thomas :)

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Who is YouDJ

Hello guys, I am Erik the programmer of YouDJ !
All started in 2007, when I had the dream of building the most fun and easy DJ software ever... so easy that my girlfriend or even my mother can mix! I have a huge passion for electronic music and internet technologies, so in my free time I started to program YouDJ, sometimes on the parking lot of my day job during lunch break!! (pictures below). At one point I was crazy enough to leave my day job and it took me more than 10 years of work to build what you see today, I hope you will like it :)YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (2) YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (3)

The website is mostly free and with no ad (!), which is pretty rare on the internet, but again YouDJ is made per passion! :)
But since it takes a lot of time to build YouDJ, there are a few stuff to buy but you don't have to if you don't want.
Your money allows me to continue working fulltime on YouDJ (= not having another job) and therefore to develop new stuff !
I have many great ideas and you might see new stuff coming in the future! :)

If you love YouDJ, you can share it with your friends on facebook, or write a nice comment here, this helps a lot :)

Also here are all our social links :FacebookInstagramYouTube

Again, BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for loving the site, it means a lot to us because I am working on it so much!

PS : Some years ago, a good friend of mine who was a cinema students made this amazing promotion video of YouDJ!
I really want to share it with you, so you can get a bit of the YouDJ vibe. Enjoy the music and have fun !! :)
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YouDJ mobile app ENTIRELY FREE

Do you know there is a mobile version of YouDJ? It took me some years to build but it is finally here!

The app is a bit simplified since the mobile screen is smaller than a computer but it is still very cool and ENTIRELY FREE!

If you like YouDJ, please leave a 5* review on the Google/Apple store, IT WILL HELP ME A LOT :)

YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (6)YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (8)
(Video) YOU.DJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :)

YouDJ desktop app FREE

YouDJ Desktop is a conventional software you install on your computer, instead of just a website. This allows things which are not possible in an internet browser, such as : offline use and direct hard-drive access to mix your own mp3 files!YouDJ Desktop is FREE and you can download it below for Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS and Linux.

Click here to download YouDJ Desktop for free :)

Beatport DJ

Beatport is the leading music provider for DJs. They recently launched a music discovery DJ app powered by the YouDJ technology! If you love YouDJ but wants something a bit more pro, try the Beatport DJ app, the first month is free!
YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (10)


YOU.DJ sister website is MIX.DJ which is an amazing catalog of DJ mixes and videos sorted by genre (edm, house, trance, hiphop...). If you want to listen to hours of good music, go straight to MIX.DJ and enjoy, it is all free, no BS :)
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YouDJ for education FREE

(Video) PARTY REMIX 2023 🔥 Mashups & Remixes Of Popular Songs 🔥 DJ Remix Club Music Dance Mix 2023

YouDJ is used in many schools around the world by music teachers. I received lot of emails from teachers asking for a safe version for kids and teenagers where no profanity can be found (from the community chat or youtube songs). So I made this version because I love the idea. I indeed think that YouDJ is the perfect tool to introduce music in schools. Easy, fun and free! To access the safe education version, go to :
Note : if YouDJ is in education mode and you want to go back to the normal mode, clear your browser cache.

Add YouDJ on your website FREE

You have a webpage? You can integrate YouDJ for free, just add this line into your HTML code :

<iframe src="" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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YouDJ Chrome extension FREE

Do you use Chrome? if yes you can install our FREE chrome extension, it is something you must try by yourself!!

It allows to add DJ controls to any website such as YouTube, Spotify or SoundCloud!

YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (13) Click here to install the free
YouDJ chrome extension

YouDJ art gallery NEW

I have open a DJ art gallery on this instagram page. I will add art over time so better to follow the page.

YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (14)

YOUDJ 2007-2023, Free DJ software and app, All rights reserved | Contact | Terms of Use


Can I DJ mix from Spotify? ›

It's easy and seamless – your Spotify DJ app can start a party just for you wherever you go. If you're searching online for the best mobile DJ app, you're at the right place. Your music mix app can Smart Mix your favorite Spotify playlists so that you'll have mashups of your tracks with a seamless transition.

How much should a DJ charge for 2 hours? ›

The average cost of a DJ for a corporate event is around $645 when hired for 3.75 hours. For a smaller corporate event, the cost of a DJ can start at $175 for 2 hours. Pro Tip: For a corporate event, you may need emcee services as well. Be sure to discuss this with your DJ as it may be an additional cost.

Can I DJ from my phone? ›

What do I need? Obviously you're going to need a phone or tablet running the music software (Spotify, a DJ app, a sampler app, whatever) that you want to “feed” into your DJ system. Your mixer or controller will need to have a spare Aux In or Line In input, to plug into.

What app do DJs use to mix music? ›

Pacemaker provides an easy to use DJ app for all DJs and gives you instant access to millions of tracks and a simple sync to your Spotify and Apple Music playlists. You can create mixes by selecting track by track or simply pick a playlist and let our AI DJ (Automix) create a perfect seamless mix for you.

Is Mixcloud free for DJs? ›

For instance, one requirement of our licensing is that free users cannot have unrestricted access to on-demand audio shows. Our Creator Toolkit. Artists and DJs pay a subscription to access our Pro tools, designed to help you take your music to the next level.

Where do I start mixing songs? ›

Start with the Drums and Bass

In most cases, this will be the drums and bass. The goal is to build the foundation of the song by establishing the groove in the drums. Start by dialing in a rough mix for the kick, snare and hi-hat mics, then work your way through the rest of the drum kit.

Is it hard to mix a song? ›

Mixing is one of the most difficult skills to master in music. A lucky few have natural abilities, but for most musicians mixing is complicated and frustrating with a steep learning curve. What makes it worse is that a great mix has a huge impact on your listeners.

Where do DJ download songs? ›

iTunes is the biggest and for DJs we have Beatport is one of the most popular digital download services for DJs to buy and download tracks. Others include Juno, Bandcamp and Apple Music (Formerly iTunes). Bandcamp is the best online retailer of music to support because they support the artist.

What app combines songs together? ›

Audio Editor is an easy-to-use music mp3 cut-and-mix tool that allows you to easily mix and play music and create cool ringtones.

Where do DJ get their music? ›

Some DJs buy songs from popular sites or get songs sent to them in subscriptions. Some DJs also make their own music on music production software which they perform live. They're also labels that send DJs tracks way before its released.

Is MixerBox a free app? ›

NO subscription, 100% FREE! ◀ Find any music and podcast you want anytime, anywhere. The world's biggest media library is waiting for you to discover. MixerBox is the top choice of over 200 million people worldwide and is continuing to grow!

Can I DJ with my phone? ›

What do I need? Obviously you're going to need a phone or tablet running the music software (Spotify, a DJ app, a sampler app, whatever) that you want to “feed” into your DJ system. Your mixer or controller will need to have a spare Aux In or Line In input, to plug into.


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