The Best Tool Boxes For The Toyota Tacoma (2023)

You're in the right place if you're looking for the best toolbox for your Toyota Tacoma. I say this because I (Warren the marketing guy) happen to own a 2020 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Sport Edition, and we've tested all of these boxes in-person.

Read below for our thoughts on the top toolboxes for the Toyota Tacoma.

The Best Tool Boxes For The Toyota Tacoma (1)

How We're Judging These Boxes

A Truck Toolbox is a very individual decision. What may be right for me may not be suitable for you. I live near the EliteTruck.comoffice in Washington, NC. A coastal town with a lot of rain and harsh weather conditions. I say this to point out that the environment is a factor when choosing a Toolbox.

If you live in a very dusty place or, like me, a town where a hurricane could pop up, weather-sealing should be your #1 priority. If you have a limited budget then value will be your #1 priority. If you're storing all your gold in your truck tool box then maybe security is most important.

Now, let's get into our review and break down our thoughts on the best Truck Tool Boxes for the Toyota Tacoma.


A truck box will do you little good if water runs in on your tools after the first storm. Likewise, if the first time you drive onto a dusty construction site, your drills come out looking like they were in Iraq, you have a problem. For this reason, weathertightness will be heavily weighted in this review.


The second most important thing to consider when picking a truck toolbox is security. This one is simple: it's not secure enough if someone can get in with a flat head or a light crowbar. Times are tough, and the last thing you want is your guns or tools to end up at the local pawn shop.

I keep a portable Blackstone, rope, tools, and high-end battery packs in my box. We do a lot of camping and boating, so there's always a reason to need some extra space for valuables. Fortunately, all of the boxes on our list have high-security latches and locks.

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Durability / Service

Whether you are a construction worker looking for a way to organize your tools or you're an hunter looking for a way to keep all of your gear dry, durability is an importantfeature to look for when buying a truck tool box for your Toyota Tacoma.

Generally if a product doesn't hold up then we remove it from our site. For that reason, all of the boxes on this list should hold up for the service life of your Toyota Tacoma. Which is basically forever.

Value / Price

When you're on a tight budget or buying a fleet, the value becomes very important. We can factor in longevity and a few other things to add value, but we understand sometimes there's a strict budget. There is a wide range of price points, and we should be able to find the correct box for you no matter what the budget.

If price is all you care about then the list ranked cheapest to most expensive would be UWS, CamLocker, then Weather Guard.

What we look for in a high-quality toolbox for the Toyota Tacoma:

  • Heavy duty welded construction using a thick gauge diamond tread aluminum or smooth steel
  • Weather-tight design and lid to protect your tools and valuables
  • Secure, tamper resistant, locking mechanism allowing tool box to be locked with a key or pad lock
  • Commercial grade, one piece seal between lid or door and main frame of tool box to keep out dust and moisture
  • Durable, full length, stainless steel, piano style hinge to allow years of tool box lid or door use
  • Stainless steel, rotating, push-button, or pull latch handle design allowing tool box to be easily opened
  • High quality powder coat finish on any tool boxes other than the standard bright aluminum finish
  • Over-built lid strong enough to stand on or sit heavy items on

Why Get A Tacoma Truck Toolbox From Elite Truck?

Despite its popularity, sizing can be tricky with the Tacoma, as we've found many online competitors don't have the correct fitment data. At Elite Truck, all of our measurements are checked and double-checked. Then we add this information to our dimension drawings for easy confirmation.

Damages are common when ordering a truck toolbox online. Elite Truck started only selling truck toolboxes. We learned how to properly package boxes for successful delivery during that time. We also only ship with highly rated carriers we know will care for your new box.

Even with these precautions, damages happen. That's why any order from Elite Truck comes with a Damage Free Guarantee. If your box arrives with any ding, dent, or scratch, we take care of it 100%. We're serious, too. If a forklift operator so much as looked at your box wrong, let us know, and we'll take care of it.

#1 -Weather Guard Crossover Tool Box Gunmetal Gray Aluminum Compact Low Profile Model # 131-6-03

The Best Tool Boxes For The Toyota Tacoma (2)

This choice caused some controversy at the office. Most of the crew are die-hard CamLocker fanboys. There's a good chance if you ever call the customer service line and ask what they think, they'll point you to our runner-up box for the Tacoma.

(Video) Best tool box for Toyota Pickup

Considering all of the options, this isn't the most expensive box available, but it certainly isn't cheap. Unfortunately, the price is a valid reason some people hold a grudge against the Weather Guard Crossover for the Tacoma. However, having used both the Camlocker, the Weatherguard, and almost every other UWS like box, I would like to explain why I think the Weather Guard is well worth the money.

For starters, it looks sick. I have the concrete grey TRD, so when I found out the new Weather Guard boxes were coming in a grey, I couldn't order it fast enough. It's a darker grey that looks great on white, black, grey, and the other new Tacoma flat colors. Up close, it almost has a light pearl in it as well. Of course, this box comes in all the standard colors, but this was the first time we've seen a truck box manufacturer try another color and do it so well.

We usually shy away from color painted boxes unless they are matte black or steel. Weather Guard does a tremendous job with their coating though so I have no concern that this paintwill scratch, flake, or wear off for the lifetime of this truck, which is saying a lot since it's a Toyota.

As for security, Camlocker and Weather Guard are neck and neck. On this newly redesigned box, the pushbuttons are very beefy. I also love that the Weather Guard box for the Tacoma can be unlocked from either side and will open. You can also add a remote to this, where it will lock and unlock from your keychain. No one else offers that, so by default, this box wins in the convenience category.

The new boxes also have two convenient tie-downs on the front of the truck box. The way the box is designed with an indented rail through the front of the box, the front panel is surprisingly strong. We recently went on a mountain trip, and I needed to strap town two propane tanks, and these tie-down D-rings worked great. I could also see using these to tie down a cooler or use as a closer access point than putting a strap across the truck bed. But, again, this is another feature no other box in this price point has.

Another great feature you can't see in the picture is how the lid and hinge are offset from the back of the box. This means you can push the truck box flat against the back of the bed, and you don't have to worry about hitting your back glass when the lid swings up. Again, it's a small detail, but most boxes are made with the hinge just mounted to the outside of the back lip of the box.

Knowing this box will outlive the truck with its beefy replaceable seals and locks, and that it protects much more valuable items, I think the price point is entirely reasonable, especially for a business or fleet buyer.

What we like:

  • Grey Color Option
  • Tie-Down Loops On The Front
  • Thick Powder Coating
  • Beefy Replaceable Seals
  • Push-Button Connected Locks
  • Option To Add Remote & LED lights
  • Weather Guard Service & Warranty
  • Inset Lid & Hinge From The Back Glass
  • Included Tray & Big Easy Lock Keys

What we don't like:

  • Higher end of the price scale
  • Have to get creative with the mounting if you don't want to screw
  • No carpet lining
  • Lock key is the size of a car key (But that's also easy to make copies)

#2 -CamLocker Crossover Tool Box 63 Inch Low Profile Notched Matte Black With Rail Model S63LPFNRLMB

The Best Tool Boxes For The Toyota Tacoma (3)

(Video) Truck Toolbox Tool Storage Alternative for Tacoma, Tundra or any Truck with Cargo Rails

The CamLocker 63" Notched Crossovers are a favorite among mid-size truck owners. We highly recommend these boxes due to the weather-tight sealing and commercial build quality at an excellent price point. If you're looking for the most secure way to store your gear, look no further. We love the CamLocker Crossovers at Elite Truck.

The price point here is abit less than the Weather Guard. With constantly changing prices I'll have to let you check out the link below for the most recent price.

We have many customer that will only put a CamLocker Crossover on their Toyota Tacoma. You can stand on the lid, and rest easy knowing it's water resistant. The small finish details and extra features are so close to the Weather Guard, but do fall a little short. Because this box is a bit cheaper, and essentially can do the same job we still give it high marks.

What we like:

  • Great Value
  • Nice Matte Black Color
  • Rail Options
  • Heavy-Duty rotating handle locks
  • Simple durable construction
  • Comes with a mold resistant carpet lining

What we don't like:

  • It's a little sharp on some of the corners
  • Most people don't actually use the rails
  • Have to reach in the bed to touch the handles for the Low Profile

#3 -CamLocker Crossover Tool Box 63 Inch Low Profile Notched Bright Aluminum With Rail Model S63LPFNRL

The Best Tool Boxes For The Toyota Tacoma (4)

This is the same box as above in the bright aluminum. The crew deciding the same box in different colorswas worthy of the2nd & 3rd spots, shows how much we like the CamLocker Brand.

These two are top sellers so we had to mention the clear coated aluminum. On the Tacoma this box looks great especially with an aluminum ladder rack if you use your truck for work.

What we like:

  • Great Value
  • Long Lasting Polished Aluminum With Clear Coat
  • Rail Options
  • Heavy-Duty rotating handle locks
  • Simple durable construction
  • Comes with a mold resistant carpet lining

What we don't like:

  • It's a little sharp on some of the corners
  • Most people don't actually use the rails
  • Have to reach in the bed to touch the handles for the Low Profile

#4 -UWS 63" Crossover Truck Tool Box Low Profile Secure Lock Angled Matte Black Aluminum Model SL-63-A-LP-MB

The Best Tool Boxes For The Toyota Tacoma (5)

This is the UWS take on the CamLocker design. We can't blame them, it works great, and keeps the weather out. The angle instead of the in-step is an interesting design as it allows room for the wheel wells and maximizes interior space.

(Video) Toyota Box Mounting Kit Installation

UWS is one of the most popular tool box brands on the planet. They are obviously popular for many reasons. One of those reasons is the incredible price.At this price, the UWS SL-63-A-LP-MB is one of the best crossover boxes for your money.

The box does have a few draw backs though. The build quality isn't really comparable to the CamLocker and Weather Guard designs. The box is study and can keep your tools safe which is the main job of the box. We've seen in a couple orders where a box may arrive with the alignment a bit off or the finish not quite right. Either way we take care of any issue 100%. So if you're ordering a UWS from Elite Truck you have nothing to worry about. When a company makes as many boxes as UWS at such a great price I think some of the issues we see are to be expected.

What we like:

  • Probably the best value box
  • High-security handles that lock the lid tight
  • Nice finish options
  • Good simple design
  • Strong foam filled lid
  • Always available & In-stock

What we don't like:

  • Minor build quality issues
  • A bit of a CamLocker copy
  • No real deal breaking concerns though

#5 -Weather Guard Crossover Tool Box Bright Aluminum Compact Model # 154-0-03

The Best Tool Boxes For The Toyota Tacoma (6)

The Weather Guard Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and this #154-0-03 is a perfect example of a great box size. This has higher sides but doesn't go down as deep. For Tacoma owners bed space as always a little short. This box allows you to still slide bigger tools under the box. The two front facing tie downs are also great for locking things down in the bed of the Tacoma.

What we like:

  • High-Quality Clear Coat Covered Aluminum Box
  • Tie-Down Loops On The Front
  • Beefy Replaceable Seals
  • Push-Button Connected Locks
  • Option To Add Remote & LED lights
  • Weather Guard Service & Warranty
  • Inset Lid & Hinge From The Back Glass
  • Included Tray & Big Easy Lock Keys
  • More space under the box

What we don't like:

  • Higher end of the price scale
  • No carpet lining
  • Lock key is the size of a car key (Easy To Replace)

Tacoma Tool Boxes In Conclusion

You can't go wrong with any of these great toolboxes for the Toyota Tacoma. A lot of it really comes down to what you're looking to get out of the box, and your specific use case.

If you're going for a more high-end commercial type box maybe Weather Guard is your best bet. If you need the best box for your money maybe the UWS should be your top pick. If you need the best of both worlds, then CamLocker is probably the right box for you.

Like always, if you ever need a recommendation, just give us a call or chat!


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