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This section contains a list of the obtainable weapons in Persona 5 (P5). It provides a summary of the Weapon's Stats, Effects, and Where to Obtain.

Persona 5 (P5) - Weapons List (1)

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal Equipment

Infiltration Tools


Playable character in Persona 5 can equip both melee and ranged weapons in battle. Melee weapons will be the most common way of dealing damage to enemies outside of using persona skills. Ranged weapons, meanwhile, can be used to knock down foes that are weak to gun damage but have limited rounds.

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Most weapons can be obtained by purchasing them from the Untouchable airsoft shop. Some weapons, however, are acquired from treasure chests in palaces and mementos. Lastly, using the electric chair at the Velvet Room allows you to create weapons using any obtained personas.

Melee Weapons


WeaponAtkAccEffectHow to Obtain
Black Kogatana5095Electric ChairPawn Shop (near Leblanc’s Back Alley)
Blizz Dagger5690+ Freeze (Low)(after 4/17) Price: ¥2800
Silver Dagger5896Kamoshida Palace – Treasure Box
Kukri6898(after 4/17) Price: ¥3600
Athame8296Price: ¥9400
Prism Dagger8895
Igniter10898+ Burn (Low)Price: ¥11600
Kukri Prime11095
Kopis Knife12298Price: ¥15000
Skinning Knife10296Price: ¥11800
Arsene’s Cane13092+ Ailment BoostElectric Chair Execution–
Arsenex Black Kogatana
Killing Scalpel13096Price: ¥16000
Athame Knife13398
Quality Kopis14098Price: ¥21000
Corvo knife14998
Pro Skinning Knife15496
Dirk17098Price: ¥26400
Parrying Dagger18496Ag+2Price: ¥28800
Machete20498Price: ¥30400
Baselard21896Price: ¥32000
Frenzy Dagger23292+ Rage (High)Price: ¥35200
Paradise Lost290Electric Chair Execution – Satanaelx
Black Kogatana


WeaponAtkAccEffectHow to Obtain
Normal Rod4492Default
Mace5492(after 4/17) Price ¥2800
Hell Slugger6494(after 4/17) Price ¥4000
Heavy Steel Pipe6886+ Confuse (Low)(after 4/17) Price ¥8400
Battle Hammer9294(after 4/17) Price ¥11200
Iron Pipe10492(after 4/17) Price ¥12200
Heavy Mace12494(after 4/17) Price ¥15400
Spike Rod13292(after 4/17) Price ¥16400
Bush Hammer14294(after 4/17) Price ¥21400
Sleep Stick14488+ Sleep (Med)Mementos Treasure Chest
Demon Pipe15692Price: ¥22000
Boss Bush Hammer17294Price: ¥27000
Gaea Presser18692Price: ¥29400
Big Sleep Stick20099+ Sleep (Med)Price: ¥31400
Stun Baton22092+ Crit Rate Up (Low)Price: ¥32600
Dragon God Pole24094Price: ¥35600
Mjolnir25488Electric Chair Execution – Thorx
Black Kogatana
RuyiJingu Bang25688Electric Chair Execution – Hanumanx
Black Kogatana


WeaponAtkAccEffectHow to Obtain
Venture Saber1060Critical Rate Up (High)Kamoshida Palace – Central Hall (Requires Lockpick)
Bandit Sword3894Price: ¥2000/Default
Falchion4894Price: ¥2800
Ryozanpaku Sword6894
Sonic Blade7894Price: ¥9600
Scimitar8696Price: ¥11200
Talwar9894+ Confuse (Low)Price: ¥12200
Sleeper Blade11896+ Sleep (Low)Price: ¥15600
Shamshir12694Price: ¥16400
Resting Sword13090+ Sleep (med)Price: ¥21600
Chief’s Cutlass15094Price: ¥22000
Cosmic Sword16090+ Shock (Med)Price: ¥27200
Damascus Sword18094Price: ¥29400
Heavy Saber20096Price: ¥31200
Panic Sword22494+ Confuse (Low)Price: ¥34400
God Saber24296Ma+ 3Price: ¥38400
Bright Sword24894Price: ¥40800
Ans Weller27696Price: ¥45600
Sword of Liangshan6894Treasure Chest
Headhunter Ladle12890+ Crit Rate Up (Low)ElectricChair Execution –
Pisaca × Black Kogatana
Blood Scimitar14098+ Despair (Med)Mementos Request (Rank C) – Calling for Justice for Cats
Claíomh Solais280+50 SPElectricChair Execution –
Mother Harlot× Black Kogatana


WeaponAtkAccEffectHow to Obtain
Envy Chain1095+ Fear(High)
LeatherWhip3694Price: ¥360/Default
Heat Whip5090+ Burn (Low)Price: ¥3800
Fundo-Kusari6296Price: ¥5600
Skin Ripper7088+ Fear (Low)Price: ¥9200
Goat Leather Whip9096Price: ¥10800
Warrior Whip9694Price: ¥11200
BurnWhip11090+ Burn (Low)Price: ¥14400
Hero Whip12494Price: ¥15000
WhipSword13496Price: ¥19800
ElectromagWhip14894+ Shock (Low)Price: ¥20400
Mirage Whip15890+ Forget (Med)Price: ¥25000
Strike Tail17894Price: ¥27200
Great Whip Sword19896Price: ¥28600
Chain Whip21294Price: ¥30000
Pain and Pain23296Price: ¥32800
Spike Whip24694Low chance to cause ShockPrice: ¥37600
Tough Branch27496Price: ¥42000
Training Whip6694
MasqueradeRibbon17288Low chance to cause DizzyElectric Chair Execution –
Queen Mab×
Black Kogatana
Naraka Whip25290Low chance to cause FreezeElectric ChairExecution –
Black Frostx
Black Kogatana
Snow Queen’s Whip21090Electric ChairExecution –
Black Kogatana
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WeaponAtkAccEffectHow to Obtain
Unmarked Katana9694Price: ¥11400
Gunto10296Price: ¥11800
Imitation Katana10894Price: ¥12400
Antique Gunto12896Price: ¥15800
SeishikiSword13694Price: ¥16600
Jagato14696Price: ¥21800
Imperial Sword16094Price: ¥22400
Fury Blade17090Medium chance to cause RageOkumura Palace, Export Line (Requires Lockpick)
Shikomi Kiseru18496Price: ¥28800
Iai Katana19094Price: ¥30000
Orochito21096+ Dizzy (Low)Price: ¥31800
Wakizashi22494Price: ¥33200
Masamune24496+ Sleep (Low)Price: ¥36400
Yume Mimasa24496Price: ¥36400
Master ‘s Sword25894??Price: ¥41600
Bloodless Masters28090Medium Chance to cause DespairPrice: ¥46600
Chronic Boss16090Power + 5Electric Chair Execution –
Ame No Uzume × Black Kogatana
Usumidori29288High chance to cause FearElectric Chair Execution – Yoshitsune x Black Kogatana


WeaponAtkAccEffectHow to Obtain
Prophet’s Hand1095High chance to cause Brainwash
Brass Knuckle10294Default
Delta Knuckle11294Price: ¥12600
Heavy Grip12296Price: ¥14200
Hell Knuckles13094Price: ¥15000
Clenched Fist14290St +3Price: ¥20400
Metal Duster15494Price: ¥20400
Iron Fist17096Price: ¥24800
Mach Punch17888Ag +3Price: ¥27400
Demon’s Fist20496Price: ¥28600
Flash Punch21894+ Dizzy (Low)Price: ¥30000
Omega Knuckle23896Price: ¥32800
Bout Glove25294Price: ¥37600
Sanction26694Price: ¥39800
Heavy Pound13088+ Dizzy (Low)Treasure Chest
(Kaneshiro Palace)
Bear Glove21090+ Crit Rate Up (Low)Electric Chair Execution –
Bugs x Black Kogatana
Sabazios28090Critical rate increaseElectric Chair Execution –
Cybele × Black Kogatana
Vajra27290+ Ailment Boost (High)Electric Chair Execution –
Asura x Black Kogatana


WeaponAtkAccEffectHow to Obtain
Axe13490Default/Price: ¥19200
Bardiche16690Price: ¥28800
MegaAxe18890Price: ¥34600
Crescent Axe20892Price: ¥36600
Lethe Axe21684Medium chance to cause Forget
Ice Doctor22684Medium chance to cause FreezePrice: ¥40400
Gilgamesh Axe25092Treasure box
(Shidou Palace)
Price: ¥45200
Celtis25690Price: ¥48000
Amazones Axe28492St +3Price: ¥53600
Death Contract14086+ Despair (Low)Electric Chair Execution –
Mithra × Black Kogatana
Fleur de Mar30886Ma +5/ + Dizzy (High)Electric Chair Execution –
Beelzebub × Black Kogatana

Ranged Weapon


WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Model Gun (Electric Chair)10956Palaces; Trade Mothman to the Guy next to the Capsule Machine
Tkachev66888Default/ (after 4/16) Price: ¥1400
Governance76968(4/16) Price: ¥3000
Makaronov112928Price: ¥10200
Riot Police120968Price: ¥12800
Compact140928Price: ¥16000
Sand Hawk148968Price: ¥19200
Eliminator156888Price: ¥20200
Karura176968Price: ¥25600
Assassin184888Price: ¥26400
Crimson Gun208968Price: ¥32000
Sleeper214888Price: ¥32600
From Heaven236928Price: ¥33600
Gravity Gun272948+ Despair (Med)Price: ¥39400
Cocytus280988Price: ¥44800
God of Destruction3608All Stats +5Electric Chair Execution – Metatron× Black Kogatana
Gunof a Thousand Demons390Electric Chair Execution – Lucifer× BlackSword

Protagonist (Custom)

WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Tkachev II100888Airsoft Shop (¥ 4200)
Tkachev HP102948Airsoft Shop (¥ 5000)
Karura II224968Airsoft Shop (¥ 18400)


WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Levinson M3164864Default
Granneli M388902(4/16) Price: ¥4400
Heavy Shotgun116904Price: ¥10200
Bianchi SBAS124942Price: ¥12800
Mad Maximum130864Price: ¥14000
Fireworks138944Price: ¥15600
Nock Volley152944Price: ¥19200
Storm Shot174904Price: ¥21800
Hellfire180944Price: ¥25600
Master Key204904Price: ¥27800
Big Sleep196944Price: ¥28000
Orso Nero218864Price: ¥32600
Fury248944+ Rage (Low)Price: ¥38400
Calamity Gun276924Price: ¥39400
Volley Gun284964Price: ¥44800
Megido Fire380?Electric Chair Execution – Shiva×Model Gun
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Ryuji (Custom)

WeaponAtkAccRoundsHow to Obtain
Levinson M31 II74944Airsoft Shop (¥ 1,600)
Levinson M31122784Airsoft Shop (¥ 4,200)
Big Sleep SP216843Airsoft Shop (¥ 18.400)
Volley Cannon II302966


WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Slingshot62905Price: ¥1200
Sling Bow74985Price: ¥2600
Shrike114945Price: ¥8600
Mount Liang122985Price: ¥10600
Upsilon128905Price: ¥11600
Comet 314200945Price: ¥13400
Spirit Sling172945Price: ¥18200
Northern Light178985Price: ¥21400
Stronger194985Price: ¥23200
Shooting Star210985Price: ¥26600
Intercept216905Price: ¥27200
Starslayer246985Price: ¥32000
Pirate Killer254925Price: ¥32400
Dreamstone274965Price: ¥32000
String Gun298965Price: ¥38800
Utopia3261005Low chance to cause ForgetPrice: ¥42800
Cat Nap168905+ Sleep (Low)ElectricChair Execution –
NekoShogun × Model Gun
Sudarsana168905+ Random Ailment (Low)Electric chair
Kohryu × Model Gun

Morgana (Custom)

WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Slingshot SP92804+ Dizzy (Low)Price: ¥2800
Slingshot HP124904Price: 3400
Improved Sling Bow13498Price: ¥2900
ShrikeReform14898Price ¥3500
Shrike SP14480Low chance to cause ConfusePrice : ¥3700
Liangyama Stay SP25088odds with low chancePrice: ¥7500
Upsilon Reform18490Price: ¥4900
Comet 3 Reform16298Price: ¥4000
HP Immaculate Spirit25486Price: ¥6200
Northern Light SP19084+Freeze (Low)Price: ¥3700
Stronger SP21488+ Dizzy (Low)Price: ¥6300
Improved Intercept28692Price: ¥8300
HP Giant Starfall29690Price: ¥8300
Dreamstone II354965


WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Sterlidge708612Price: ¥3000
Tommy Gun828212Price: ¥4200
Trooper1068612Price: ¥8800
MP2 Prototype1108212Price: ¥9600
Flare SMG1247812Price: ¥13200
Blitz MG1328612Price: ¥14600
Civilian MP1688212Price: ¥20600
Tarantula1748612Price: ¥24200
Hyakka Ryouran1827812Price: ¥25000
No Mercy1908612Price: ¥26400/ Okumura Palace, Disposal Line
Western SMG2127812Price: ¥30800
MP Victoria2508012Price: ¥36600
Hien Renhappou2708412Price: ¥37200
Antares2608812Price: ¥38000
Fire Thunder Ogami3128412Price: ¥42600
Phantom killer322886Low chance to cause sleepPrice: ¥48400
Pink shot1408412Low chance to cause BrainwashingElectricChair Execution –
Succubus ×
Model Gun
Wild Hunt386846Medium chance to cause DespairElectric Chair Execution –
Odin ×
Model Gun

Ann (Custom)

WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Sterlidge II1368212Price: ¥3900
Thompton Machine Guns1168612Price: ¥3100
Trooper SP140688Low chance to cause Dizzy?Price: ¥4900
MP2 Prototype II1588612Price: ¥10400
Flare Machine Gun Reform1489012Price: ¥9100
Blitz MGSP192768Low chance to cause ShockPrice: ¥7700
Civilian MP Reform1968212Price: ¥6700
Tarantula SP222728Low chance to cause SleepPrice: ¥8100
Hyakka Flower Goblin256786Price: ¥9200
No Mercy II2228612Price: ¥8200
Antares II276886
Western SMG Reform2828012Price: ¥10800


WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Black Assault1109012Price: ¥10200
AR-M41148612Price: ¥11400
Heavy Assault1288212Price: ¥15600
G1 Type1369012Price: ¥17200
Hero AR1728612Price: ¥24400
Rebel Rifle1789012Price: ¥28600
Annihilator2028612Price: ¥30800
Blaze Assault1949012Price: ¥31000
Tempest2168212Price: ¥36200
AR-X2309412Price: ¥38000
Cruel Carbine2548412Prie: ¥43200
Hizutsu2829212Price: ¥49800
Sharp Shooter3128412Price: ¥50200
Torn gun3208812Price: ¥57000
Kuzuryu’s Gun3008812+ Random Ailment (Low)ElectricChair Execution –
Vaski × Model Gun
Heaven’s Gate3788812AG + 10ElectricChair Execution –
Uriel × Model Gun
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Yusuke (Custom)

WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Black Assault SP152808+ Despair (Low)Price: ¥14,000
AR-M4 reform1408612Price: ¥5200
AR – M4SP150748+ Dizzy (Low)Price: ¥6500
Heavy Assault Reform1848212Price: ¥8600
G1 type 4SP1448812Low chance to cause ShockPrice: ¥6200
Hero’s assault rifle2368612Price: ¥10900
Rebellion Rifle SP196808Low chance and ragePrice: ¥10400
Blaze Assault SP250808Low chance to cause FreezePrice: ¥13100
Analyzer alteration2789012Price: ¥12800
HP Tempest2668412Price: ¥12400
Tempest reform2928612Price: ¥14600
Hizutsu HP3768212


WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Replica Revolver126866Default
Peace Maker134946Price: ¥14600
P revolver140906Price: ¥15200
PM Sheriff156866Price: ¥19000
Suzuma Rotary Gun170906Price: ¥20600
Justness200906Price: ¥26200
Wildborn208946Price: ¥30200
EvilRoulette226946+ Random Ailment (Low)Price: ¥32200
Baptism244946Price: ¥36200
Artillery252886Price: ¥36600
Orochi280966Price: ¥42400
Cavalry282846Price: ¥42600
Twilight324966Price: ¥48400
Miliana200926Ma +5Electric Chair Execution –
Urung × Model Gun
Judge of Hell380926All Stats +10Electric Chair Execution –
Michael × Model Gun

Makoto (Custom)

WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
Peacemaker HP168886Price: ¥4600/ Kaneshiro Palace, Inside the Vault (requires lockpick)
Peacemaker SP178846+ Fear (Low)Price: ¥6700
P Revolver Reform182866Price: ¥6400
PM Sheriff Reform166986Price: ¥5200
Suzuma Rotary Gun270926Price: ¥9500
Justness212866Price: ¥7800
Wildbone SP224806+ Forget (Low)Price: ¥8100
BaptismSP302806+ Brainwash (Low)Price: ¥10900
Demons Roulette Kai260966Price: ¥9700


WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
GL Replica132861Price: ¥24200
Scorcher170821Price: ¥30800
Multiple GL196861Price: ¥38000
Town Burner214861Price: ¥42600
Eraser222801Price: ¥43200
Flaming Ocean242841Price: ¥43800
Magma284841Medium chance to cause BurnPrice: ¥50200
Pandemonium294881Price: ¥57000
Nekopunch Buzz140891Medium chance to cause ConfuseElectric Chair Execution –
Nekomata × Model Gun
Yagurushi330801Medium chance to cause ShockElectric Chair Execution –
Baal × Model Gun

Haru (Custom)

WeaponAtkAccRoundsEffectHow to Obtain
GL Replica Reform182781Price: ¥10500
Scourer SP194721Medium chance to cause ConfusePrice: ¥10900
Multilateral MGL Reform268881Price: ¥15100
HP Burner246781Price: ¥13100
Burner SP236761Medium chance to cause BurnPrice: ¥14500
Flame Ocean II310881

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal Equipment

Infiltration Tools
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What is a P5 weapon? ›

The United States, China and three other nuclear-armed countries collectively known as the “P5” released a joint statement on Monday pledging to use nuclear weapons only for defensive purposes.

What gun does Joker use Persona 5? ›

For the record, in both Persona 5 and Smash - Joker's gun is a model airsoft gun. You can actually see the little ring on the hilt here. In the Metaverse - the gun works against the Shadows. It's modeled after a TT-33 handgun.

What weapon does Ryuji use? ›

Ryuji's strongest melee weapon is the Super Megido Rod which can be bought from Untouchable on 12/22. However, the Ruyi Jingu Bang is another strong melee weapon that is created by performing an Electric Chair Execution on Hanuman.

What gun does Makoto use? ›

Colt SAA. A plain looking Colt SAA revolver is used by Makoto Niijima aka Queen in the first reveal trailer as her personal sidearm in the Metaverse.

What is Joker's best Gun? ›

The best weapon for Joker is the P.L. Replica which is obtained through the “Knocking on Death's Door” request in Okinawa's Jail. Able to reduce Curse damage received and has 300 Attack. The Mjolnir Replica for Skull is obtained through the “Painful Past+: Akira Konoe” request in Osaka's Jail.

How do I get Satanael p5? ›

To achieve the original true ending, players need only refuse the God of Control's offer to "Return the World to the way it was" and defeat them on Christmas Eve. This is sufficient to complete the original true ending and thus unlock Satanael for new game plus.

What gun did akechi use? ›

A gold Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer is used by detective Goro Akechi as his sidearm when he joins the Phantom Thieves, which shoots lasers instead of regular ammo.

What weapon does akechi use? ›

Goro Akechi in Persona 5 (2017)

His melee weapon is a laser saber or serrated swords while his ranged weapon is a ray gun or a silenced pistol.

What is Joker's real name Persona 5? ›

While the player can freely choose a real name for Joker, his Phantom Thief code name, he is named Ren Amamiya in Persona 5: the Animation and most other appearances, and Akira Kurusu in the game's manga adaptation.

How old is Ryuji p5? ›

Ryuji Sakamoto is an 18 years old boy in Persona 5 Strikers and his occupation in the game is a student. His zodiac sign is cancer and his height is 170 cm. He carries Bludgeons as a melee weapon and Shotgun as a ranged weapon.

How old is Ann Persona? ›

Japanese Name高巻 杏
NicknameAnne Takamaki(Jp Version) Panther(Code) And Lady Ann(by Morgana)
Date Of BirthNov 12, 2005
age16(17) 24(P6)
ArcanaThe Lovers
7 more rows

How did Ryuji break his leg? ›

Ryuji had already thrown a punch at Kamoshida if you recall, albeit it was because he got agroed. Ryuji and the track team had already been pushed way beyond their limits as is, so Ryuji was already worn out from that. So with sore muscles, a pissed off student and extreemly harsh strikes… Ryuji's femur broke.

Is Makoto Niijima autistic? ›

External Examination: >Makoto Niijima, 17 year old sex worker, diagnosed with autism, body found at 0340 by Shibuya police.

How old is Makoto p5? ›

Born April 23, 1998, Makoto is 17 at the start of the events of the game and stands at 5'5".

What is Makoto's true persona? ›

Learning their identities, she tasks the team with changing the heart of mafia boss Junya Kaneshiro. Makoto's persona is Johanna, and she fights with revolvers and tekko.

What revolver does Joker use? ›

Arthur Fleck aka "The Joker" (Joaquin Phoenix) uses a Pre-Model 36 version of the Smith & Wesson Chief's Special throughout the film. The revolver is seen lying in the package along with several cartridges.

How do you get the best weapon in Persona 5? ›

Best weapons are obtained by means of executions. The majority of the best equipment in the game can be obtained through Dark Net or by performing special executions with the electric chair.

Is Satanael an Arsene? ›

Persona 5. Satanael is the ultimate Persona of both the Fool Arcana and the protagonist. He is summoned by breaking the chains sealing him as Arsène during the final battle, where the cheers of millions of Tokyo citizens heal and protect the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

How do you evolve Arsene in Persona 5? ›

Arsène evolves into Satanael after completing Ticket Quests 42, 43, 44 and 45. He obtains the special skill Revolt Vanguard.

What gun does Satanael use? ›

However, Persona 5 Royal Satanael can use incenses to max out as many of Satanael's stats as you like.
Gun – Persona 5 Royal Satanael Build.
Riot GunTyrant's Mind
Gun BoostFirm Stance
Gun AmpApt Pupil
1 more row
11 Apr 2020

What is akechi's best weapon? ›

  • Best melee weapon: Hinokagutsuchi/Hinokagutsuchi II. How to obtain: Futsunushi + Black Kogatana.
  • Best ranged weapon: Doomsday/Ancient Day. How to obtain: Vohu Manah + Model Gun.
30 Mar 2021

What does the black Kogatana do in Persona 5? ›

The Black Kogatana is an item that can hold the power of an individual Persona inside of it. This is done through fusion in the Velvet Room.

Is akechi weak to anything? ›

Akechi is resistant to Bless attacks, and is weak against Curse.

Who is Goro akechi based on? ›

Goro is loosely based on the fictional detective Kogoro Akechi, written by Edogawa Rampo (real name: Tarō Hirai) in multiple stories between 1925-1962.

Is akechi alive in Persona 5 Royal? ›

The implication is clear: in the true ending of Persona 5 Royal where players complete Akechi's new Confidant arc and reject Maruki's reality, Akechi finds some means to survive. After everything he has gone through, the troubled antihero of the Persona 5 games is still alive.

Will Persona 6 have Joker? ›

Joker embodies Persona's themes and is the poster boy for in Persona 5 crossovers, putting a lot of pressure on Persona 6's protagonist. Persona 6 is currently in development, but little is known about it other than its existence.

Why is Joker called Ren? ›

Outside of the fact that Ren Amamiya is used far more often in Persona 5 media, it's worth looking into what each name actually means. Ren means “rain,” and likely refers to the fact that it was raining when Joker met Ryuji at the beginning of Persona 5.

What is Joker's canon girlfriend Persona 5? ›

Persona 5 Royal: Joker x Kasumi Is Basically Canon - And Here's The Proof. A close look at Kasumi's personas show that she might be Joker's canon love interest in Persona 5 Royal.

What does Arsene's cane do? ›

Arsène's Cane is a weapon for the protagonist. It can be obtained by executing Arsène in the Velvet Room. In Royal, if a fusion alarm is sounding, it will instead produce The Great Thief Stick.

Where can I buy black Kogatana? ›

Make sure to check regularly at the thrift store by Leblanc, as the old man there will occasionally have these to sell. They are also located in some palace chests, but as these are very story dependent moments that last only for a small time, Mementos and thrift shop hunting will be a far more reliable method.

Where can I buy weapons Persona 5? ›

The Untouchable shop in Persona 5. Untouchable (ミリタリーショップ:アンタッチャブル, Miritarii Shoppu: Antatchaburu)? is a model gun shop in Persona 5, where weapons are available for purchase. It is owned by Munehisa Iwai, and is located in Shibuya, Central Street.

Will there be another persona game? ›

But as per some piece of news Persona 6 Release Date is going to be in 2022. The RPG mechanics make Persona so great. Even to those who aren't a fan of anime, Persona games will excite you, that is if you like games such as Final Fantasy or any other Japanese RPGs.

Can you keep Arsene? ›

Arsene is one of the only Persona that has access to Curse moves at the start of the game, so it's worth keeping him around. If you were railroaded into sacrificing Arsene, you should definitely take the time to get him back.

What skills can Arsene learn? ›

Skill NameCostEffect
Eiha4SPDeals weak Curse damage to 1 foe.
Cleave6% HPDeals weak Phys damage to 1 foe.
Sukunda8SPLowers 1 foe's Agility for 3 turns.
Dream Needles8% HPDeals medium Phys damage and inflicts Sleep (medium odds) to 1 foe.
1 more row

How do you get Raoul in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Raoul is the third-tier Persona of the protagonist only available through DLC. It is purchasable for 300 yen. In the English version, Raoul is bought alongside other DLC Persona in a bundle for $9.99.

How do you unlock the electric chair in Persona 5? ›

Electric Chair executions are available from the Velvet Room from 08/01 onwards. The function of this execution is to transform the Persona into a predetermined item. When the aforementioned date arrives, venture to the Velvet Room and perform an Electric Chair execution. The trophy will unlock once you do.

What does Black Rock do Persona 5? ›

The Black Rock can only be equipped by the protagonist, but has no effects. The item is also necessary for itemizing certain Personas into accessories.

How do you get better weapons in Persona 5? ›

Best weapons are obtained by means of executions. The majority of the best equipment in the game can be obtained through Dark Net or by performing special executions with the electric chair. Below, you can find a detailed description of the best equipment.

What is Makoto's best weapon? ›

Judge of Hell, Makoto's best ranged weapon, is nuts. The standard version gives a +10 boost to all stats, while the Fusion Alert version adds an additional point. You'll need Michael to unlock either, which comes after Shiva in the Judgement Arcana at level 87.

What weapon does akechi use? ›

Goro Akechi in Persona 5 (2017)

His melee weapon is a laser saber or serrated swords while his ranged weapon is a ray gun or a silenced pistol.

How do you get the model gun in Persona 5? ›

The best way to get up to seven models guns is at the Capsule Machine in Akihabara. Each use of the Capsule Machine costs 500 yen. Every time you use the machine you'll get one of six capsules. Nearby is the Covetous Man; you can trade these capsules to him for other items.

Will Persona 6 be announced? ›

As of yet, there hasn't been any confirmation as to when Persona 6 will release, but considering no announcement has yet happened, Atlus may release its next JRPG in by Fall 2024. While news about Persona 6 isn't all that much, the company executives have given glimmers of hope.

How many hours does it take to complete Persona 5? ›

Read More. When focusing on the main objectives, Persona 5 is about 97½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 173 Hours to obtain 100% completion.


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