Nayandeep Rakshit - The 'Celebrity Interviewer' guy by The Perpetual Brawl (2022)

Prashant Gade - Creator of 'Inali Prosthetic Arm'

On this episode, we have Mr. Prashant Gade, Founder of Inali Foundation, a non-profit organization with the aim of providing affordable upper limbs to those who have lost them in an accident, or those who have lost them by birth.Prashant has received the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra award by iCONGO in partnership with the United Nations.He was also the youngest Karmaveer to appear on the special Karmaveer episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, along with Mr. Sonu Sood.Listen to the journey of a man on a quest to identify the purpose of his life, the challenges he faced and how he dealt with them, out-of-the-box thinking, his advice for entrepreneurs, and much more!You can reach out to me @anantbhat_ab on Instagram or email me at bhat.anantpod@gmail.comCheck out the Podcast page on Instagram @theperpetualbrawl.podcast


June 13, 2021

On this episode of The Perpetual Brawl, we have Mr. Devan Bhalla with us, who has experience working for companies like McKinsey, InfoEdge, and Amar Ujala. Devan is an IIM Merit Scholar and a TEDx speaker. He is also extremely active on LinkedIn, with his content garnering millions of combined views, likes, and comments. His passion for marketing and branding, personal branding, employee branding, his time at IIM Sambalpur, his work with numerous brands, his transition from a shy guy to a confident public speaker, and some good old advice for young graduates, this episode has it all!(00:54) - About himself and his background(03:00) - His transition from a shy guy to a confident public speaker(08:13) - His journey at IIM Sambalpur(10:45) - His work with various brands(13:51) - Discussion on Digital Marketing & Content Marketing around brands(16:12) - Importance of Effective Personal Branding(18:14) - The umbrella of soft-skills(20:33) - His journey on LinkedIn and tips on using LinkedIn effectively(22:54) - Final takeaways for a fresh graduateYou can reach out to me @anantbhat_ab on Instagram or email me at bhat.anantpod@gmail.comCheck out the Podcast page on Instagram @theperpetualbrawl.podcast


May 31, 2021


Vaishak JP - The 'Adventurous Eye' for the Blind

On this episode, we have Vaishak JP, popularly known as 'TheTrekGuy', a 24-year-old mountaineer who has been helping the blind summit peaks. He has been on an expedition to Africa's highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, which included two visually impaired people. He's also been on a 550 km long cycling trip from Manali to Khardung La. All in all, Vaishak primarily guides the visually impaired for trekking and other adventure sports.He shares experiences about his early days, his transition from adventuring on his own to helping the differently-abled get a dose of adventure, his experience of conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro, his plans moving ahead, a roadmap for aspiring adventurists, and much more!(01:12) - How he discovered his love for adventure(02:40) - Man VS Wild and more on his love for adventure(03:38) - The life he had dreamt of and the life he's living. The Difference!(04:50) - The entire structure of the Mountaineering course(07:53) - The journey of guiding the visually impaired(09:54) - Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition(14:31) - Trekking gear(15:43) - Verbal and non-verbal cues while guiding the visually impaired(18:50) - Importance of safety in adventure sports(20:51) - Big dream personally and professionally(22:27) - Roadmap for pursuing mountaineering professionallyYou can reach out to me @anantbhat_ab on Instagram or email me at bhat.anantpod@gmail.comCheck out the Podcast page on Instagram @theperpetualbrawl.podcast


May 23, 2021

Karthick Solai - Making 'Brushing' Sustainable

'Our focus shifted from profits to the planet, because if there's no world to live in anymore, what do we do with all that money?'One event, One natural calamity, that changed their perspective of looking towards the planet. 2015 CHENNAI FLOODS.The aftermath of the flood was enormous. On a mission to restore normalcy, the reality of our pollution levels struck them hard. They started discussing sustainable start-up ideas, but their answer came through the waste collected during the cleaning process. TOOTHBRUSH. Check out their journey of making 'Brushing' sustainable, the idea, the challenges they faced, their vision, and much more in conversation with Karthick Solai, Co-founder of TERRABRUSH(00:45) - The big dream and the incident that changed his perspective(04:10) - Idea behind Terrabrush(10:10) - Challenges in finding investors(13:10) - Numbers behind Terrabrush(14:42) - The future for Terrabrush(16:52) - Advice for young entrepreneurs entering the sustainable domainYou can reach out to me @anantbhat_ab on Instagram or email me at bhat.anantpod@gmail.comCheck out the Podcast page on Instagram @theperpetualbrawl.podcast


August 05, 2020

(Video) Spilling The Tea | Prajakta Koli, Nayandeep Rakshit, Justin Rao | Podcast | Bollywood Uncovered

Nayandeep Rakshit - The 'Celebrity Interviewer' guy

On this episode, Film Journalist and PINKVILLAN, Nayandeep Rakshit talks about his early days, of how journalism was not planned, but naturally, everything fell into place, his experience with DNA and Pinkvilla, his experience with interviewing numerous celebrities, the thought process behind preparation for an interview, tips for aspiring journalists and much more.You can reach out to me @anantbhat_ab on Instagram or email me at bhat.anantpod@gmail.comCheck out the Podcast page on Instagram @theperpetualbrawl.podcast


July 29, 2020

Hamsika Iyer - Bollywood's Very Own Chammak Challo

On this episode, Hamsika Iyer speaks about her diverse experience in Bollywood, Indian Semi-Classical, and World Music. From reaching the finals of the first Sa-Re-Ga-Ma in 1995 to lending her voice to multiple songs and ad-jingles, we have a lot to learn from her story. International collaborations, Advertisement-Jingles to some good-old-advice for music aspirants, this exciting conversation has it all!(01:28) - The beginning of her musical journey, her college days, her love for sports, her experience at Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the initial days of her training, the turning point in her life, her entry into advertising, her work with Rajat Dholakia and Shantanu Moitra(19:22) - Is formal training always necessary to get into playback singing?(20:12) - Difference between playback singing and advertisement jingles(21:35) - Importance of collaborations in the music industry(24:10) - Are outsiders open to accepting Indian music?(25:06) - Evolution of music industry over time(26:54) - Work with Vishal-Shekhar & Akon for Chammak Challo(33:55) - Her advice for young aspirants in musicYou can reach out to me @anantbhat_ab on Instagram or email me at bhat.anantpod@gmail.comCheck out the Podcast page on Instagram @theperpetualbrawl.podcast


July 15, 2020

(Video) Shehnaaz Gill on running away from home, battling trolls, grief & losing loved one | Her Story

Aarish Ansari - India's Football Freestyle Guru

On this episode, Aarish Ansari speaks about his love for freestyle football, the challenges he faced to reach the pinnacle of freestyle football in India, his best memories, his advice for upcoming football freestylers, and more.Apologies, as the audio quality of this episode, is not up to the mark, but the content is super-rich, I PROMISE.(01:08) - The beginning of his football freestyle journey(04:31) - His training schedule(07:20) - His inspiration(07:58) - Changes in the football freestyle scenario over the years(09:17) - His memorable performance(10:23) - His mindset and training schedule for the Guinness World Records(14:09) - His role in World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA)(18:40) - The motive behind starting his own Academy(19:49) - The scope for freestyle football in India(21:11) - Advice for budding freestylersYou can reach out to me @anantbhat_ab on Instagram or email me at bhat.anantpod@gmail.comCheck out the Podcast page on Instagram @theperpetualbrawl.podcast


July 03, 2020

Pragya Lodha - Let's talk Mental Health

Mental health, depression, anxiety, suicide are a few terms that are not spoken about openly, at least in the Indian context. It's about time we understand these terms and become well aware that they exist and that a lot of people deal with them.This episode is about mental health and everything around it. Pragya Lodha, who serves as the Mumbai Program Director and Clinical Psychologist at The MINDS Foundation joins me to discuss this very important topic.(01:18) - Difference between anxiety, suicide, and depression(04:29) - Why is depression a common occurrence in school and college students?(08:39) - Burden of expectations and depression(10:47) - Link between depression and suicide(12:40) - How to identify a person who is having suicidal thoughts? Is suicide preventable?(19:00) - Is help from mental health professionals always required?(22:27) - Lockdown and mental health(27:27) - Final takeawayYou can reach out to me @anantbhat_ab on Instagram or email me at bhat.anantpod@gmail.comCheck out the Podcast page on Instagram @theperpetualbrawl.podcast


June 24, 2020

(Video) Malaika Arora on emotional lows, age shaming, being judged for her divorce, relationship | Her Story

Advait Thakur - 17-year-old tech extraordinaire

Ranked amongst the top 10 young entrepreneurs under 20, 17-year-old Advait Thakur is the founder and CEO of Apex Infosys India.On this episode, he talks about the idea that propelled him towards his start-up, the challenges he faced, his advice for budding young entrepreneurs, and much more.(01:02) - How did he get the idea of starting his own company(03:25) - Challenges he faced during the initial months of inception(03:53) - Challenges he faced while building a team(04:32) - His vision for the company(04:50) - Age stereotyping(06:01) - If given a chance to go back in time and change something, what would that be(06:33) - A typical day in his life(07:06) - His mantra of handling fame at a young age(08:06) - His advice for young entrepreneursYou can reach out to me @anantbhat_ab on Instagram or email me at bhat.anantpod@gmail.comCheck out the Podcast page on Instagram @theperpetualbrawl.podcast


June 17, 2020

The Perpetual Brawl - Trailer

The Perpetual Brawl is a podcast where we learn from people's experiences. In every episode, we will dive deep into conversations with people who have carved a niche for themselves in diverse fields, we'll listen to their stories that will inspire you and challenge you to push your limits.You can reach out to me @anantbhat_ab on Instagram or email me at bhat.anantpod@gmail.comCheck out the Podcast page on Instagram @theperpetualbrawl.podcast


June 11, 2020

(Video) Shehnaaz Gill's RAPID FIRE on love, Salman, Kartik, Kareena, Alia-Ranbir, Vijay Deverakonda & Yash


Who is Nayan deep rakshit? ›

Nayandeep Rakshit is a famous Journalist, Talk Show Host, Dancer, and Public Figure. Nayandeep Rakshit's birthday is on the 13th of May. He was born in the 90's. Nayandeep Rakshit is a very famous face of PinkVilla.

Who is the anchor of Bollywood bubble? ›

nayandeep rakshit (@NayandipRakshit) / Twitter. Mumma's boy | Verbal Diarrhoea | Great friend | Talk Show Host with Bollywood Bubble In that order.

Who is the owner of Pinkvilla? ›

Pinkvilla CEO Nandini Shenoy who is an ex-Microsoft Employee and an alumnus of National Institute of Technology Karnataka struck with the idea for Pinkvilla in 2007, she felt like using her expertise in software by creating a Bollywood website.

Who is the founder of Pinkvilla? ›

How does Pinkvilla make money? ›

Pinkvilla collects its revenue from various movie production houses. These production houses pay the company for allowing their ad sales. Pinkvilla's website gets more than 12 million visitors and around 60 million views every month. They also earn from YouTube by posting videos almost every day.

Where is Pinkvilla located? ›

PinkVilla is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India .


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