Nathan Chen Net Worth 2022: Olympics, Figure Skating Salary (2022)

If You’ve Seen Her Skate at the Olympics, You’ll Want to Know What Nathan Chen net worth How much and how much he earns as one of the highest-paid professional figure skaters (and winter athletes) competing for Team USA.

Chen, whose full name is Nathan Wei Chen, was born on May 5, 1999, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He began figure skating at age 3 with a pair of white figure skaters his sister had, and entered his first skating competition at age 4. Along with figure skating, Chen also trained in ballet at the Ballet West Academy in Salt Lake City and participated in gymnastics at the state and regional levels for seven years. He is also a major student in statistics and data science at Yale University. Chen made her Olympic debut in 2018 at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, where she won a bronze medal in the team figure skating event. Chen holds the record as the first figure skater to perform five types of quadruple jumps in a single competition: toe loop, salchow, loop, flip and lutz. He also earned the nickname “Quad King” after becoming the first Olympian in history to land six quadruple jumps (with four complete revolutions) during the Pyeongchang Olympics. He made eight quadruple jumps at the 2018 World Championships. As of 2021, Chen also holds the world record for combined scores in free skate and figure skating.

in an interview with yale news In 2021, Chen revealed that he wanted to be a figure skater because asian american athlete Like Michelle Kwan and Kristi Yamaguchi. “Growing up in Salt Lake City, where most of my classmates and fellow athletes were predominantly white, you don’t look at yourself so easily,” he said. “I see myself in these athletes and I see how capable and how talented they are. If they can do it, hopefully I can do the same. Being able to see a face like yours Being an athlete helps a lot.” He also told the newspaper that he decided to attend college because he knew his career and skills as a figure skater wouldn’t last forever. too determined to skate, I wasn’t in a position where I was ready to retire,” he said. “But I knew this transition in school had to happen at some point, and as soon as it happened, my It will be easy for me because I will be out of skating.”

There is no doubt that Chen is one of Team USA’s most exciting Winter Olympians. but what is Nathan Chen net worth, Read on for what we know about Nathan Chen’s net worth and how much he has earned since rising to fame as one of Team USA’s fiercest contestants.

How much does Nathan Chen earn as a professional figure skater?

Image: Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images.

What does Nathan Chen do as a professional figure skater? While Chen’s exact income as a professional figure skater has not been confirmed, Forbes It is estimated that he earned at least $1 million in sponsorship deals in the year before he competed in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The magazine also reported that Chen earns additional bonuses from his brand partner with a gold medal based on his performance at the Beijing Olympics.

Doubled his earnings in individual men’s or team events. According to Forbes, a gold medal also includes a $37,500 payment from the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee. “Nathan Chen has good brand appeal,” John Grady, a sports law professor at the University of South Carolina, told Forbes. ,[Brands] I don’t necessarily want to give opportunities to untested or less well-known athletes in smaller sports.”

As of 2022, the chain has long-term deals with 11 companies, including Team USA sponsors such as Bridgestone, Comcast, Nike, Toyota and Visa, as well as consumer brands such as Grubhub and Airwave. Chain is also a part of NFT with game developer nWay. Forbes also reports that Chen is one of the few figure skaters and Winter Olympians to order five- and six-figure marketing deals as ratings for the Winter Olympics drop. (The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics were down by about 5 million spectators from the Sochi 2014 Olympics.) “It’s still probably cachet,” Grady told Forbes. “It just can’t be the TV viewing preference that it once was.”

According to international skating federation, Chen earned $18,00 for each of the 2017 Grand Prix of the Figure Skating Series he won that year: the Rostelecom Cup, the 2017 Skate America and the Grand Prix Final. She also received $20,000 after finishing first at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in February 2017, as well as prize money for her victory at the 2018 US Championships. stir Chen is estimated to have earned around $160,000 for the 2017 to 2018 figure skating season alone.

What is Nathan Chen’s net worth?

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Image: AP Photo/David J. Philip.

What is Nathan Chen’s net worth? Nathan Chen has a net worth of $2.5 million, according to celeb net worth, Although this number is large, Forbes reports that it is far less than the net worth of other athletes, including South Korean figure skater Kim Yoon, who earned $16 million in 2014 and won a gold medal and a silver medal from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. . 2014 Sochi Olympics. Nathan Chen’s net worth is less than other famous Winter Olympians like Snowboarder Shaun White, which is worth $60 million; and figure skaters Michelle Kwan; who deserves $12 million, Christy Yamaguchi, who deserves $8 million, Adam Rippon, who deserves $4 million, Tara Lipinski, who deserves $25 million, and johnny weir, that’s worth $4 million, Nevertheless, Chen is valued more than other winter Olympians such as snowboarder Chloe Kim, who is worth between $500,000 and $1 million. essential game, Like other retired Olympians, his net worth is expected to increase even after his figure skating career.

in an interview with In 2022, Chen opened up about what he learned from the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. “I think the 2017-18 season in particular was a really really stressful time,” he said. “I was clearly hoping to win a medal. My thought process was that if I’d spent an extra four hours at the rink – no matter how much time worked out and training – I would have been able to do that. But I took my rest and recovery.” Time ran out. I felt like I was starting to stop.” He continued, “I think the biggest thing right now is to learn how to balance, work hard on the ice, but give myself time to rest, recover, and generally take care of myself.”

Chen also told the site how his mistakes at the 2018 Olympics taught him to be a better figure skater. “I think we definitely learn best from our mistakes and are like, ‘Hey, why did this happen and how can this be stopped?’ Having that experience, obviously it wasn’t fun and it’s not something I want to do again,” he said. “But it happened… I am still who I am. I still had opportunities to continue competing in the future, to continue striving towards my goals.” He continued, “I still keep working I will keep and try to do what I want to do and win or lose. It doesn’t really change me as a person.”

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Image: Karmakar Publications.

For more on the Olympics, check out Jeremy Fuchs’ 2021 book, Total Olympics: Every obscure, hilarious, dramatic and inspiring story worth knowing, The book, titled “Indispensable Olympic Resources” and “Pure Fun” by The New York Times, follows the history of the Olympics, how it began in a Victorian English town called Much Wenlock, a no longer closed sport of tug of war. Like, firefighting, painting and, yes, live pigeon shooting. The bestseller, which contains hundreds of true stories and historical photographs, also includes the stories of both internationally known and little-known athletes such as gymnast Shun Fujimoto, who led her team to victory with a broken knee.

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