LAS X Life Science Microscope Software (2023)

Serving your workflow

LAS X is made for every step of your research. This platform provides maximum ease of use and enables anyone in your team to become productive quickly.

Save time, gain reliability

  • See more with the image in the center of your screen
  • Configure objectives and filter cubes within the software – no need to exit
  • Save and recall your settings like acquisition parameters, configuration settings or interface layout for future experiments – for reliable reproduction of your experiments

GPS for your cells – the powerful navigation tool

Switch from searching image by image to seeing the full overview of your samples. Like a GPS for your cells, LAS X Navigator ensures that you always have a clear roadmap to brilliant data.

Create fast overviews of your samples and identify the important details instantly. Then set up high resolution image acquisition automatically using templates for slides, dishes and multiwell plates.

A quantum leap in high speed acquisition

The high speed linear motor stage offers absolutely precise positioning at previously unattainable speeds, e.g. 5 positions per second with a 40x objective. During acquisition vibration sensors detect when the stage stands still. The final results are razor-sharp images taken at the perfect moment, even when acquiring with maximum speed. This dramatic improvement is due to the optimal synchronisation between image acquisition and stage movement.

The Quantum Stage allows you to:

  • Do high speed positioning with absolute precision (< ± 1 µm)
  • Manually move the stage at any time while keeping the precise slide position tracked

See the high speed acquistion of an entire slide

LAS X Life Science Microscope Software (3)

Yourpathfinder in image analysis

LAS X guides you through the analysis workflow, step by step.

  • Get immediate feedback on the applied settings at each step through a viewer
  • Get guidance from analysis wizards which lead you quickly to reproducible results
  • Run automated analysis of multiple samples

Handle your data smoothly

Reviewing and displaying your data has just become easier:

  • Select an object on the screen and view its highlighted measurement in the results table
  • Use the Automatic Classifier to group your results
  • Display and follow the particles’ trajectories over time
  • Save the results with the experiment or create a report including histogram and binary mask

Complexmade simple

LAS X supports you in analyzing even complex fluorescence experiments with ease.

  • Create separate analysis channels for each fluorescent marker or color
  • Assign an individual workflow to each
  • Run an analysis of all aspects of your sample at the same time, e.g.

    Count the number of spots per nucleus
    Count healthy and abnormal cells in two separate channels

LAS X Life Science Microscope Software (6)

The power of LAS X in advanced life science research

Complex experiments require careful set-up and scrupulous execution. With LAS X you can be certain to elevate the impact of your work through its powerful features, focused on usability in every aspect.

  • Run high speed experiments
  • Analyze and review your data during image acquisition, e.g. FRAP, FRET, in LAS X
  • Use the auto exporter function for external analysis and feedback into LAS X
  • Create spectacular 3D rendered time lapse movies in real time during acquisition
LAS X Life Science Microscope Software (7)

Be in full climate control

With the Environmental Control module you can control all environmental data like temperature, CO2 or O2 conditions in one interface. All data is saved with the experiment.

  • Monitor environmental data live or review it afterwards
  • Run temperature profiles by using an acquisition macro
  • Get a warning or automatically stop your experiment when parameters are out of range

Stay connected!

With the LAS X Mobile Connection module you can stay connected to your experiment anywhere at any time.

  • Start, pause, or stop experiments, or capture an image to identify the best time for starting your experiment right away from your iPad or any notebook
  • Display the imaging conditions on your remote device
  • Download a specific image in full resolution and send it to a colleague
  • Connect with multiple remote users of the system at the same time
  • To use LASX Mobile Connection with your mobile device, please download the Leica Mobile Connection App from iTunes free of charge

LAS X Core

The LAS X Core Module has full image viewing capabilities, including annotations, image overlay and image comparison. It controls your Leica microscope. If you add a compatible Leica camera, you have a complete image acquisition station.

Acquisition and advanced modules complement LAS X Core software and boost your imaging and analysis capabilities.

Supported hardware

*Please note that LAS X Core is not sufficient to drive a confocal system. Acquired data can be viewed, but no data can be acquired.


LAS X Life Science Microscope Software (10)

Acquisition modules

Module name




LAS X Core module LAS X Core software, operates without the need for a dongle. x x
Multi Channel Acquisition Allows the definition of up to 8 acquisition channels per experiment. o x
Time-Lapse Define the duration and frequency of image capture for time lapse experiments. o x
Z-Control and Software Autofocus Focus positioning and acquisition of 3 dimensional data sets. Includes software autofocus. o x
Mark and Find Define multiple stage locations and revisit them as part of a time-lapse or Z stacking experiment. o x
Stitching Create multiple regions of any shape for overview images and high resolution scans o x
Assay Editor Perform multi well and multi chamber experiments. Create customized sample carriers. Automatically distribute regions and positions to each well/chamber. x x
Driver Non-Leica Cameras Allows the control of any third party camera supported by LAS X. o o
Extended Depth of Field Effectively sums up only the in focus area of each image in a three dimensional image stack and creates a single EDOF image. o -
Live Image Builder Detects manual sample movement automatically and smoothly extends the image without the need to click buttons to capture the image. Not released for fluorescence applications. o -
Live stream movie recording Records a movies directly from the live image viewer and stores it in avi format at a user defined location. o -

x=included; o=optional; -=not available

Advanced modules.

Module name




Calcium Imaging Module for online ratio measurement, online display of ratio graphs and ratio image o x
Live Data Mode Interactive data recording allowing job-sequencing and online evaluation o o
Colocalization Histogram based colocalization and area measurements o o
FRET SE Powerful wizard for FRET acquisition and analysis o o
Environmental Control Have full control of your experimental conditions with the LAS X Environmental Control module. Log the environmental data and monitor it during the experiment. o o
Mobile Connection Connect to your acquisition station via web client or mobile device and see the course of your experiment,review the whole experiment or open any image series available in the xperiment tree o -
User management Allows system administrators to give different access levels to different LAS X user groups. o x
FRAP Wizard The step by step wizard guides users through setup, acquisition and quantification of a FRAP experiment o o
HCS A Versatile tool set for high content screening and automated microscopy. o o
Trigger to Peripherals Send triggers and analog signals to peripherals. Incorporate triggers into your time lapse experiments. Includes powerful trigger capabilities such as sending a trigger at a specific channel or position. o -

x=included; o=optional; -=not available

Visualization and Analysis

Module name




3D Visualization Graphic card based processing for smooth and fast motion of 3D volumes in real time o o
3D Analysis Wizard for 3D analysis o o
2D Analysis Easy and Versatile Wizard for 2D Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Data Sets o o
3D Deconvolution Fully integrated deconvolution algorithm using adaptive calculated or supplied PSF o o
2D Deconvolution Algorithms for no neighbor and nearest neighbor deconvolution o o
Measurements Simplify the manual tasks involved in generating measurement parameters such as length, distance, area, perimeter, diameter and angles. o o
Dye Finder Multi-color restoration, channel unmixing o o
Reticules Digital overlays displayed on top of the camera image emulating fixed eyepiece graticules. o -
Extended 2D Annotations Extends the 2D Annotations with additional functions such as magnifying a rectangular region on the image or superimposing an imported image. o -

x=included; o=optional; -=not available

Additional Functions

Module name



Dye Assistant Confocal users can select different dyes and LAS X sets up all hardware components accordingly. - x
Lambda Scan Imaging method that acquires the emission spectrum in each image pixel using spectral detectors. - x
Lambda lambda scan Imaging method that acquires the full excitation-emission spectrum in each image pixel using a tunable laser and spectral detectors. Allows Lambda square fluorescence mapping. - o
z-intensity compensation Tool to compensate within a z-stack drop of fluorescence intensity that occurs deeper inside your sample with laser power and/or detector gain. - x
LightGate Restriction of detection to a certain time window removes unwanted signal from autofluorescence or backscattering with HyD detectors. - o
FLIM Wizard for fast and reliable setup of FLIM experiments and full control of FLIM data acquisition. - o
FCS Wizard for fast and reliable setup of FCS and FLCS experiments and full control of F(L)CS data acquisition. - o
Electrophysiology Package to guide you through E-Phys experiments, incl. Automated recordings, interactive data acquisition and trigger functions. o o
CRS Calculator Automatic calculation of specific Raman wavenumbers according to the pumplaser wavelength used for exaction and vice versa. - o
CRS Spectral Scan Automatic spectral scan covering the Raman wavenumbers range 1200-3400cm-1 - o

x=included; o=optional; -=not available

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