How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (2023)

Want to learn how to say goodnight in Spanish quickly and easily?

We can help! We have traveled around countless Spanish-speaking countries and stayed in Spanish-only speaking homes, and we were glad to have had some Spanish under our belt during these times.

Just like most languages, there are many different ways of saying good night to somebody, especially depending on their relation to you.

You likely wouldn’t say good night the same way to your romantic partner as you would a family friend, right? Well, that’s where we can help.

Plus, whether you plan on visiting a Spanish-speaking country or you want to learn the language in its entirety, learning how to say good night in different languages is essential.

In this post, you’ll find over 33 different ways of saying good night in Spanish depending on who you are addressing. Whether it be a family member or a child, your path to learning Spanish will be well on its way after reading this post!

Don’t worry, we too are visual learners, so we have included some great pronunciation videos to help you learn, as well.

Good Luck!

Goodnight in Spanish for Friends, Family, and Formal Occasions

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (2)

There are numerous ways to say goodnight to your friends in family in Spanish, but here are the most popular.

1. The standard way of saying “goodnight” in Spanish

If you are looking for the most common way of saying good night, then you’ll say “Buenas Noches“.

When translated, the word for good is bueno and the word for night, or evening, is noches.

Buenas is the feminine version of the word bueno which is used because the word for night, noche, is feminine.

Noche means night and noches means nights. So, when translated exactly, the words combine to form the phrase “good nights.”

2. “Have a Good Night” in Spanish

If you wish to tell someone to “have a good night” in Spanish, then you’ll use the sentence Qué tengas buenas noches. This is more informal and is not always used for people you don’t know well.

If you are at a dinner party and you have only just met someone, I recommend using the formal version which is Qués pase buenas noches usted.

This is both polite, positive, and formal, so it will cover all the bases if you want to wish someone a good night that you don’t know well.

3. “I Hope You Have a Good Night” in Spanish

If you want to be even more formal than the previous two lines, you can use the phrase Espero que tengas una buena noche which means “I hope you have a good night” in Spanish.

4. How to Simply Say “Night” or “Evening” in Spanish

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (3)

If you prefer to go the quick route when telling someone good night, then either the term night or evening will do just fine. Simply just say noches, which means night and evening in Spanish.

This is good for family members or roommates that live in the same house as you or that you see very frequently.

5. “Good Evening” in Spanish

Very similar to how you would say good night, to say good evening in Spanish you can simply say buenas noches. The word for “night” and “evening” are both noches.

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You may hear someone say buenas tardes which means good afternoon or buenos días which means good morning or good day.

6. “Happy Night” in Spanish

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (4)

To wish someone or a group of people a “happy” or “joyful” evening, simply use the phrase feliz noche.

This is a popular phrase to hear in more formal situations (i.e. meeting people you respect, business events, etc.) when people are parting ways for the evening.

When to Say Buenos Días vs Buenos Tardes vs Buenos Noches

Buenos Días: early morning through midday (around noon-1:00PM)

Buenos Tardes: early afternoon to dinner time or sunset (early evening)
** This is the primary way of saying good afternoon in Spanish

Buenos Noches: after dinner through bedtime

7. “Thank You Have a Good Night” in Spanish

If you want to be both formal and polite, then saying thank you before saying have a good night is recommended. Simply take the phrase Qué tengas una buena noche and add the word thank you in Spanish, gracias, before it.

Thus, you get Gracias, que tengas una buena noche.

This is useful for if someone invited you into their home, offered you a meal, comfort, or a socializing opportunity (i.e. get together with friends, family, etc.).

8. “Bye Good Night” in Spanish

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (5)

To say bye good night in Spanish, you’ll simply add the word for bye which is adiós before the phrase we just learned for good night which is buenos noches.

All together, you get the phrase adiós, buenos noches.

9. How to Say “Sleep Well” in Spanish

If you want to wish that someone sleeps well, then you’ll use the verb “to sleep” in Spanish, which is Dormir.

You’ll also need the word for well which is bien. Since you are not conjugating into a first-person form, the verb will stay the same. Hence, to tell someone “sleep well”, you will simply say “Dormir bien.”

Flirty Goodnight in Spanish to a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (6)

If you want to say goodnight to your partner a little bit more romantically or in a flirty way, there are a few great ways to do it.

Use one or some of these fun and flirty phrases to impress your partner with your casual Spanish-speaking skills!

10. How to Say “Good Night My Love” in Spanish

Good night my love is something many partners say to each other before bed all around the world. To say it in Spanish, use the phrase buenas noches mi amor.

This takes that basic phrase you learned earlier, buenos noches, and adds the phrase my love, or mi amor, to it.

It’s a great way to be romantic and practice how to say a flirty good night to your loving partner before bed!

11. How to Say “Good Night Beautiful” in Spanish

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (7)

There are two ways of saying good night beautiful depending on if you are saying it to a man or a woman.

If you want to use the feminine form, you will say buenas noches hermosa and if you want to use the masculine form, you will say buenas noches hermoso.

Unlike American culture, many cultures around the world use the word “beautiful” to describe both men and women and both feminine and masculine things. Hence, why there are feminine and masculine forms of the word.

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12. How to Say “Good Night Handsome” in Spanish

Similar to saying good night beautiful, there are both feminine and masculine forms of good night handsome in Spanish.

Respectively, you would say buenas noches guapa and buenas noches guapo. You can use this to refer to a person, pet, or thing (depending on the item’s gender).

It’s a great flirty way of saying good night in Spanish to your male partner.

Goodnight in Spanish for Children

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (8)

The way you say goodnight in Spanish to adults versus children may differ slightly. Here are a few good ways to talk to kids right before bed.

13. How to Say “I Want a Midnight Snack” in Spanish

Who doesn’t know a child that enjoys a midnight snack? Or possibly, you want a midnight snack yourself! If that’s the case, you will want to say yo quiero un bocadillo de medianoche which means I want a midnight snack.

14. “Bedtime” in Spanish

In Spanish, they separate the words for bed and time and describe each individually. The phrase, hora de acostarse, means bedtime, but hora means hour which they use as a way to describe the hour in which they are going to bed.

De acostarse means to go to bed. So, when they say hora de acostarse, they mean that it is the hour to go to bed when literally translated.

This is culturally known as “bedtime” like it is in many languages.

15. “Go To Bed” in Spanish

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (9)

To tell a child to go to bed in Spanish with a little bit of seriousness, you can say vete a la cama, which translates to “go to bed right now!” This is both informal and singular, so it is used for only one child.

To say go to bed to two or more children, you would use the plural form which is váyanse a la cama.

To say “lie down” or “turn in”, you can use the phrase acostarse. This is a little bit less serious of a way to say go to bed in Spanish.

16. “See you Tomorrow” in Spanish

After you say “go to bed”, a reassuring affirmation like “I will see you tomorrow” can sometimes help calm a child and help them to feel safe and comfortable before bed.

To say it, use the phrase nos vemos mañana. If you wish to say “I will see you tomorrow”, then use the phrase te veo mañana.

This is the literal translation for saying “see you tomorrow” in Spanish, but if you’re looking for the most widely used version, you would instead say “until tomorrow” which is Hasta mañana.

17. “Goodnight Sweet Dreams Child” in Spanish

“Good night, sweet dreams child” in Spanish has both a feminine and masculine form. To say it to a girl, you would say buenas noches dulces sueños niña.

To say it to a boy, you would say buenas noches dulces sueños niño.

We simply took the phrase for “good night”, “sweet dreams”, and “girl” or “male child” and added them together to create these phrases.

Buenos noches + dulces sueños + niña/niño

18. “Good Night Baby” in Spanish

The word for “baby” in Spanish is simply bebe. So, to say “good night baby”, you will simply say buenas noches bebe.

Goodnight in Spanish to a Girl

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (10)

If you want to say goodnight in Spanish to a girl, then there are a few cute ways of doing so. They do not differ very much from how you would say good night to a boy, so don’t worry too much if you mix them up.

The only real difference is the words niñito and niñita, which I will explain more on below.

19. How to Say “Sweet Dreams” in Spanish

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (11)
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The saying “sweet dreams” in Spanish is created by taking the same word used to describe desserts, which is dulces, meaning sweet, and adding the word for dreams, which is sueños, to the end of it.

“Sweet dreams” in Spanish is dulces sueños.

20. “Good Night Little Girl” in Spanish

If you want to say “good night little girl” to a daughter, niece, cousin, friend’s daughter, etc., then you would use the phrase buenas noches niñita.

All we did was take the phrase for good night, buenos noches, and add the word for little girl, niñita, at the end.

Goodnight in Spanish to a Boy

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (12)

Saying goodnight in Spanish to a boy may be a little bit different than how you would say it to a girl, but not by much.

21. “Good Night Sweet Dreams” in Spanish

If you wish to remove the word “child” from the statement and all you are left with is “good night sweet dreams”, then you will say buenas noches dulces sueños.

22. “Good Night Little Boy” in Spanish

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (13)

Similar to “good night little girl”, “good night little boy” in Spanish is simply buenas noches niñito.

Niñito is the masculine version of the word niñita, which means little boy and little girl, respectively.

This can be used when talking to cousins, nephews, children of friends, and so forth. It is not as commonly used when talking to your own kids, but it would make sense nonetheless.

Goodnight in Spanish Chart

I have created a simple chart to help you learn the difference between the different ways of saying goodnight in Spanish.

It’s a great visual tool, but I still always suggest combining visual reading with verbal speaking when it comes to learning a new language.

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (14)

Informal Ways of Saying Goodnight in Spanish

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (15)

✔️ 23. “I’m going to bed”me voy a la cama

This saying is less polite and often only used between family members or friends, use the phrase me voy a la cama to get your point across.

✔️ 24. “I’m going to sleep” me voy a dormir

Also less polite and informal, simply use the phrase me voy a dormir when you want to hit the hay, so to speak.

✔️ 25. “I’m going to put on pajamas”me voy a poner el pijama

This one gets the point across without actually including the words sleep or bed. Use the sentence me voy a poner el pijama.

✔️ 26. “Let’s go to bed”vámos a la cama

Good for when you are talking to a friend, partner, or child that you know well, use the phrase vámos a la cama.

✔️ 27. “I need to get some rest”necesito descansar

Also a way of saying you are going to bed without actually using those words, simply say necesito descansar.

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✔️ 28. “Rest well” descansa

Taken from the verb descansar which means “to rest”, you can say descansa to tell somebody to “rest well”.

✔️ 29. “See you in the morning”nos vemos por la mañana

Comparable to “see you tomorrow”, use the phrase nos vemos por la mañana.

✔️ 30. “I’m going to lie down”me voy a acostar

Use the phrase me voy a acostar to let someone know that you’re going to bed for an undecided amount of time.

Popular Evening Sayings in Spanish

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (16)

✔️ 31. “Dream with Angels”que sueños con angelitos

This is a very popular saying when speaking to children. You are wishing them peaceful dreams and a night of restful sleep. Simply say, que sueños con angelitos.

✔️ 32. “This doll is going to change his/her display case.” – este muñeco se cambia de aparador

Another popular saying used in Spanish-speaking homes to say good night, use the phrase este muñeco se cambia de aparador.

✔️ 33. “This little teddy bear is going back into its box.”este osito de peluche se va para su estuche

Very popular among parents and children, use the phrase este osito de peluche se va para su estuche.

What Countries Speak Spanish?

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (17)

If you are planning on visiting any of the countries listed below, you should do your best to learn some helpful verbs such as “to go”, “to eat”, “to sleep”, and “to leave”. Understanding how to conjugate everyday verbs will help you immensely in these regions since many people don’t speak any English.

Sure, knowing how to say goodnight in Spanish is helpful, but knowing how to communicate with someone about how to order a taxi is even more important!

The countries below all list Spanish as an official language, but there are plenty more countries and territories with a smaller Spanish-speaking population (like the U.S.)!

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish 33+ Ways (18)

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Remember that the way you say good night may change depending on who you are talking to and how well you know them, so keep this post in your back pocket for when you’re in a pinch.

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Whether you are visiting a Spanish-speaking country or you want to jump-start your path to becoming bilingual, learning how to say goodnight in Spanish (buenas noches) is essential. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re speaking Japanese, French, Russian, German, or any other language… knowing how to say “goodnight” is an important skill to have.



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