How her majesty's name inspired the names of X family members (2023)

The Queen was a beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, and the monarch's family showed just how much they treasured her by naming their children after her.

The Queen - Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Mountbatten-Windsor - herself was named after her mother - Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who was Duchess of York when she gave birth to her in 1926.

Her first middle name Alexandra came from her great-grandmother and wife of King Edward VII, while her second middle name Mary came from her grandmother and wife of King George V.

But just as her name was inspired by those who came before her, so her name Elizabeth has been used by younger generations of her own family.

From her daughter Anne to three of her four granddaughters, and her great-grandchild Lilibet, Femail brings you the all the royals whose names have been inspired by the Queen.

The Queen, pictured here during an audience at Windsor Castle in February 2022, was named after her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon


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Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise

Princess Anne, 72, is the Queen's second child and takes her name (pictured here at the recent Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials)

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Born in 1950, and the Queen's first and only daughter, Anne was perhaps unsurprisingly given Elizabeth as her middle name. The pair shared a close bond and passion for sport and particularly equestrian events. Anne, along with Prince Charles - now the King - was at the Queen's bedside when she died. It is understood that Anne had been undertaking engagements in the area.

Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor

Lady Louise, most recently spotted at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, also takes her grandmother's name

It is not just the name she takes from her grandmother. Lady Louise, 18, also has her grandmother's work ethic and was recently spotted working at a garden centre for minimum wage before starting university. The Queen's youngest granddaughter is also an accomplished carriage driver and equestrian, taking after both the late Queen and Prince Phillip. Speaking to Femail in April 2021, royal author Ingrid Steward explained how Lady Louise has 'always been an asset' to the royal family and is 'very polite' which Her Majesty loves.

Lena Elizabeth Tindall

Lena Tindall, four, is the second child of Zara an Mike Tindall. She is pictured here at the Gatcombe Horse Trials earlier this summer where her mother was competing

While her elder sister was called Mia Grace Tindall, Lena was given the middle name Elizabeth as a nod to the Queen. She was born in 2018 after her mother suffered two miscarriages. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Zara said: 'For me, the worst bit was that we had to tell everyone - everyone knew. I had to go through having the baby because it was so far along. I then had another miscarriage really early on.' Lena is typically kept out of the limelight and is only really seen at horse trials in which her mother is competing.

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor

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Lilibet Diana - daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - pictured her on her first birthday at Frogmore Cottage, Windsor

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In 2021, his little sister Lilibet was born in Santa Barbara, California

Lilibet was the monarch's deeply personal childhood nickname, and was used only be her parents, a few close friends and her beloved Prince Phillip. Prince Harry reportedly spoke with the monarch to gain her blessing before calling his daughter the moniker, but several stories also ran in the press saying it was 'more of telling, than an asking'. The red-headed tot finally got to meet the Queen when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the UK for the Jubilee celebration in June 2022.

Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall

Zara Tindall, 41, takes her name from the Queen (pictured here at the land Rover Burghley Horse Trials in September 2022)

Zara takes her middle names from her mother Anne and her grandmother Elizabeth - and shares a love of horse-riding with both. She won team silver at equestrian evening at the London 2012 Olympic games, and she was also crowned world evening champion in Germany in 2006 - which led to the British public voting her BBC Sports Personality of the Year.In 2020, during the Covid pandemic, she spoke of how proud she was of her grandmother addressing the nation. Appearing on GMB, she said her Majesty urging the British public to come together and protect the NHS was '100% what the country needed' at that moment. She added: 'I think we're obviously very proud.'

Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary

Princess Beatrice (pictured here at the semi-finals of Wimbledon earlier this summer) has Elizabeth as her middle name

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Beatrice married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in a private ceremony at Windsor Castle in July 2020 with the Queen and Prince Philip in attendance

Born in 1988, Beatrice - the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson - was gifted Elizabeth as her middle name. Her younger sister Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena, missed out and is the only granddaughter not to carry Elizabeth's name. Although she is not considered to be a senior royal, Princess Beatrice does at times carry out royal duties. In a sign of her closeness to the Queen, the monarch offered to hold Princess Beatrice's wedding reception at Buckingham Palace in 2020. The monarch also leant her the Queen Mary tiara which she wore to her own wedding in 1947.

Isla Elizabeth Phillips

The Queen's grandson Peter Phillips, 44, with his daughters Isla (left) and Savannah (right), pictured here at the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park this summer

The Queen's first great-grandchild was Savannah Phillips, left, followed by her younger sister Isla, right. Pictured, in April 2022

Born in 2012 in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year, Isla Phillips, 10, is the youngest daughter of Peter Phillips, the Queen's grandson. Although she takes the Queen's name, she is not entitled to a royal title. Her older sister is called Savannah Anne Kathleen Phillips, 11. Both are typically kept out of the spotlight, often only spotted playing together at horse trials.

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Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Daddy's girl: Princess Charlotte, seven, pictured here on her first day of her new school, Lambrook School near Ascot

Princess Charlotte, sandwiched between her parents, attends the Sandwell Aquatics Centre during the 2022 Commonwealth Games in August

The Queen's great-granddaughter is named after Prince Charles, the late Princess Diana and the Queen. Like the Queen, Charlotte also goes by nicknames, however. Her father has been heard calling her Mignonette, which means small and delicate in French, while her mother calls her Lottie, a popular abbreviation of Charlotte. The princess is known for her fun, confident character and is said to love spicy food. She has also been frequently captured telling off photographers or her younger brother Prince Louis.

Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi

Princess Beatrice seen her with baby Sienna while on vacation in Verbier with her husband and property developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. The tot was born on September 18, 2021

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi have not yet released a photo of their daughter Sienna, born in September 2021

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While there are no pictures yet of baby Sienna, her name still packs a punch - paying homage to the late Queen. The tot was born inSeptember 2021 at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, weighing 6lbs 2oz.It is little surprise Beatrice honoured Queen Elizabeth with naming her child, given how close Princess Beatrice was to her grandmother. She once told Hello: 'I have two role models, my mother and my grandmother. I am very lucky that I happen to be related to these two incredible women.'Her Majesty was said to be 'delighted with the news', the palace announced in a statement.Although her mother is a princess, Sienna, who was the Queen's 12th great-grandchild, will not have a royal title.


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