45 Meaningful Indian Nicknames for Husbands 2022 (2023)

Feeling shy to call your husband with his name? Want to store his contact in your phone with a cute nickname that is personal to you both? You are at the right place! This article covers 10 nicknames for husband in 8 different Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil and Kannada. Scroll through the content to pick your favorite nickname for your most favorite man in the whole world.

By the way, we also put in loose meanings of each of the nicknames for husbands so you will know why a particular name makes for a suitable pick. Why the delay? Read along!

List of 45 Nicknames for Husband in Different Indian Languages:

Impress your husband by calling him with a cute and romantic nickname in your regional language. Check out this consolidated list of 45 different nicknames for husbands indifferent Indian languages and pick one to spice up your relationship.

1. Indian Nicknames for Husbands in Telugu:

Telugu husbands are a mix of traditional and modern values. Instead of using real names, they prefer their wives calling them with specific words in Telugu that are associated with respect. With time, these words became nicknames which even the modern-generation wives use for addressing their husbands. These words show a lot of love and affection towards their spouses without losing the respect factor.

Let us now check out the list of 10 best Telugu pet names for husbands.

Sreevaru: The word 'Sreevaru' in telugu means husband. It is a beautiful word that strengthens the relationship between a wife and a husband.

Junnu: Junnu is a type of cheese in Telugu which is quite soft and delicious. It makes for a perfect nickname for husbands who are soft-hearted and fun to be around.

Bangaram: Bangaram means 'gold' which is a precious metal. Many wives use this word as a nickname for husbands who are equal, if not more than gold to them.

Donga: Donga is a cute nickname for husbands in Telugu, which actually means 'thief'. The name indicates a person who stole her heart forever!

Baava: Baava in Telugu implies the son of aunt or uncle who is eligible to get married with the girl. Many women use the word 'bava' to address their husbands as the name carries a romantic feel.

Kanna: Kanna is a cute Telugu nickname for husbands who are playful and childish at heart. Kanna also means 'Little Krishna' as many women treat their spouses as grown-up kids.

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Bujji: Bujji is another popular Telugu nickname for husbands which loosely means a kid. Even this word indicates that your husband is equal to a small kid in his innocence and mindset.

Pandu: Pandu means a 'fruit' which looks hale and healthy. It makes for a nice nickname for husbands in Telugu as women feel that their partners are quite active and good looking.

Kuchi: While there is no direct meaning for Kuchi, it loosely implies cuteness or a sweet and cute person. This is why it makes for a nice nickname for husbands in Telugu.

Bangaru Konda: Bangaru Konda is one of the popular nicknames for sons in Telugu. However, many women who treat their husbands like precious and little boys also use this word as a nickname.

2. Indian Nicknames for Husbands in Hindi:

In traditional Hindi-speaking families, it is disrespectful for a wife to call her husband by his name. In such cases, instead of using stereotypic words like "Ajee", "Suniye" etc. you can use some nicknames for husbands when in private. No one will know what this word means except you both. Nicknames personalize your relationship and bring in the oneness factor.

Let us now check out the list of 10 best Hindi nicknames for husbands:

Aashiq: Aashiq means lover! Isn't this the best nickname for your husband who is your ultimate lover and true soulmate?

Jaanu: Wives who feel that their husbands are their whole universe can use 'Jaanu' as a nickname for them.

Pati Dev: Pati Dev means 'Husband who is equal to God'. Although it is a traditional word, many modern wives also use it to create a romantic bond with their husbands.

Golu: If your husband looks round and chubby, then Golu makes for a funny nickname for him.

Teddy: Teddy makes for a sweet nickname for husbands who are squish-worthy and cuddlesome with their cuteness.

Bholu: If your husband quite innocent and child-like? Then Bholu can be a nickname that represents his lovable qualities.

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Laddoo: Laddoo is a nice nickname for husbands who are quite sweet and nice to their wives.

Humsafar: Humsafar in Hindi means 'a constant companion'. It is a meaningful nickname for husbands who are quite supportive of their wives.

Heera: If you think your husband is as precious as a gemstone or Heera, then use this word as a nickname for him.

Pathiji: Pathiji is a respectful nickname for husbands in Hindi which lends a nice traditional feel.

3. Indian Nicknames for Husbands in Marathi:

Marathi families are no exception when it comes to a wife addressing her husband in public. Traditionally, Marathi wives use gestures or common words to call their husbands instead of using names. So, nicknames come in handy when the lady wants to sweety call her spouse in private and strengthen her bond with him.

Here are some cute nicknames for husbands in Marathi:

Pillu: Pillu is a sweet nickname for husbands who are a little short in height. The word actually means small or cute.

Priyatam: Another nice nickname for your husband can be 'Priyatam' which means lover or beloved one.

Shonu: If you consider your husband as a precious one, then Shonu is an apt nickname for your husband as it translates to 'gold'.


To a lady, her husband is the King. If this is true in your case, then Raja makes for a great nickname for your hubby.

Ladkya: This lovely nickname for husband means 'dear' or 'lovely boy'. Use this word to sweetly call your man and impress him with your love.

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Malak: Do you think your husband is the master of your life? Then Malak, which means 'owner' or 'master' makes for a meaningful Marathi nickname.

Navardev: This is another traditional nickname for husbands which implies a lot of respect and affection at the same time.

Godulya: Call your husband as 'Godulya' meaning sweet if he is a sweet and caring guy.

Wagha: If your husband is as ferocious and as protective as a male lion, then 'Wagha' makes for a nice nickname.

Sanulya: This is another popular nickname for husbands in Marathi, which means Sweet Boy or man.

4. Indian Nicknames for Husbands in Urdu:

If you are looking for a poetic and sweet-sounding nickname for your husband, Urdu offers many choices for you. Infact, Urdu is the only language in which it is possible to abuse or demean anyone because of the beautiful use of words. So, if you are not particular about the language, then take a pick from these lovely Urdu nicknames for husbands:

Shohar: If you find it disrespectful to call your husband by his name, then try addressing him as 'Shohar' which means husband.

Khavind: Another synonym for husband in Urdu is Khavind, which sounds really sweet and mellifluous.

Huzur: If you are the loyal subject of your master who is your husband, then Huzur makes for a great Urdu nickname

Jaan-e-man: You can save your husband's contact as 'Jaan-e-man' in your phone, which means beloved or love of my heart.

Janaab: Another respectful nickname for your husband in Urdu is Janaab which means 'your excellency'.

Shahzaada: Do you consider your husband as the king of your life? Then Shahzaada makes for an apt nickname for him

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5. Indian Nicknames for Husbands in Bengali:

Bengali nicknames for husbands do not have any specific meanings. Usually, the wives address their husbands with any cute sounding words that can indicate their personalities or characters. You can use any of these nicknames for your husbands and tweak them according to your choice.

Montu: This is a cute nickname for husband which loosely means sweet or nice. You can replace his real name with Montu which is sure to make him feel loved.

Bapi: If your husband plays the role of a father in your life, then Bapi is a nickname for him.

Mobli: If you are looking for a cute word to address your husband instead of his name, Mobli is an option which doesn't have any specific meaning.


Another nickname option for husband in Bengali is Goblu which sounds fun and playful.

Poltu: Poltu is a sweet nickname for husbands who are nice and gentle. The word doesn't have any specific meaning.

Chottu: This name suits husbands who are either short or act like young kids even after their marriage.

Moni: Is your husband a calm and silent man always? Try calling him Moni which means silence in Bengali.

Babu: The most popular nickname for husbands in Bengali is Babu which means master or aristocratic man.

Bhombol: Bhombol is a funny nickname for husbands which implies a person who is always confused and lost.

Those are some of the best nicknames for Husbands in different Indian languages. In most cases, the wife gets to address her spouse as "Suniye" or "Oo ji", which means "Are you hearing me". But if you want to take this relationship one step more personal, then start giving him a nickname which both of you enjoy.

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