20 Signs He Likes You As More Than A Friend - ew&pt (2022)

This question is a question nearly every girlwill ask themselves multiple times throughout life. Does he like me?After you first ask yourself this question, you become an analyst for every text and conversation until you finally and most likely (if you’re like me) end up Googling signs he likes you andthus begins a further investigation.

As someone who’s often asked this question and helped others find the answer to this question, I can tell you that thereare definitely some signs that he likes you. Let me start this with a little bitty disclaimer: these may not apply to every single person and situation. Seriously, use your common senseandinteractions with the dude in question and mix it with these signs.

1. He replies extra-quickly to your texts.

Some people are just good ‘ol texters who promptlytoeveryone.If your person in question is like that, this “sign” is void. If he usually doesn’t reply to others very quickly but he answers you moments after you text, this could be a sign he’s extrainterested in what you have to say. Then again, if he’s an all-around bad texter who doesn’t reply promptly to anyone, don’t necessarily take it as a sign he’s not interested.

2. Heasks people about you.

If he asked your mutual friends or people who know you about you, that could totally be a hint thathe’s interested. He wants to know more about you and that’s agood sign.

3. You catch him looking at you.

If you catch him looking at you, that couldmean he’s interested. Then again, if you catch him looking down your shirt or at your butt…he might not like you the way you’d like. Take note of his expression and where exactly he’s looking.

4. He occasionally asksyou about your guy friends or acquaintances.

If he asks what the deal is with you and some of your guy friends, he’s probably asking for a reason. Another sign he might be interested is ifyou mention them in a somewhat smitten or flirty way he seems to tense up or go a little bit silent. Some guys might even talk them down, ie:“I think he’s kind of annoying” or “I heard he’s a bad kisser.”Hopefully he won’t talk them down and will just seem a little bit silent or slightly offwhen you mention other dudes.

5. He invites you to things.

This is a totallyobvious one. If he invites you to his lacrosse formal or to hang out, it means he wants to spend time with you. Wanting to spend time with you could definitely be a sign he likes you as a great friend or maybe more.

6. You occasionally hang out with him and his friends.

If he’s introducing you to important people in his life and occasionally making you a part of his crew, clearly he likes you and wants you to meet people he enjoys. Then again, if it’s alwaysyou and his crew, it might mean he sees you as more of a friend than a potential date.This is basically void if you guys share the same friend group.

7. You often hang out one-on-one.

If he’s inviting you out one-on-one, that’s a great sign. Even if it’s not a date and it’s merely grabbing lunch in the dining hall or studying together, him wanting to spend alone time with you meanshe enjoys your company.

8. He doesn’t mention other girls in a romantic manner around you.

Basically, he doesn’t talk about girls he thinks are hot or how attractive other people might be when he’s around you. If he’s talking about how he has a really hot girl in his French class or that he just hooked up with his suitemate’s friend, it’s a bad, bad sign.

9. You’ve had serious discussions.

If you’ve had deeper than the surface conversations and he’s somewhat begun to open up to you, it’s a good sign. You’ve begun peeling back some outer layers to get to the center of who you are.

10. He stays up late to talk to you.

He has a super early class tomorrow and yet he can be found texting you until 2 in the morning. You know he has practice tomorrow morning but you’re both sipping coffee and hanging out until it’s pretty late. Sacrificing something as precious as sleep to spend time with someone is a sign you might like them as more than a friend. Then again, this sign he might like you is a bit flawed because a lot of college students sacrifice sleep and stay up until all hours, so be cautious.

20 Signs He Likes You As More Than A Friend - ew&pt (2)

11. He asks you questions about yourself.

Okay, to me, this is the biggestindicationhe likes you as more than a friend. If he’s showing genuine interest in knowing more about you, that’s a great sign. On the other hand, if he never reciprocates questions or asks you about yourself beyond “What do you want to eat for lunch?,” that’s a sign he’s probably not interested. If he asks you about your family, your hobbies, things you love, etc, that’s a great sign.

12. He remembers little things about you.

Let’s face it–do you bother to remember people you don’t like’s favorite Starbucks drink or book? Nope. He probably won’t outwardly say “Hey, I remembered you liked strawberries and turtles,” but actions show it. Examples: He remembers how much you love puns and texts you one. He sees a Golden Retriever at the park and remembers how much you like them so he Snapchats you a picture. He hears about your favorite band performing in town next weekend and he tells you about it. Little things like that show he was listening and remembering. Keepan eye out.

13. He compliments you genuinely, but not too often.

A guy that’s constantly shelling compliments at you is, truthfully, probably a little bit too thirsty. Look out for compliments about your personality and not so much your looks. If he occasionally throws in a “you always make me laugh” or “your hair is so soft,” it can be a good sign.

14. He works hard to keep up a conversation.

If your conversations are brief and don’t usuallycontinue, bad sign. If you find that you’re always the one steering conversations and trying to keep them going, it’s not looking like he’s interested. If your conversation always continues and if, when it dies a little, he introduces a new question or subject, itmeans he’sgoing out of his way to keep you two talking.

15. His friends tease him about you.

This is hard to pick up on, especially as you get older, but itispossible to detect. Say you bump into him and he’s with his friends and he says hello, do you notice his friends exchanging looks? If you’ve got mutual friends, do you notice the friends occasionally raising eyebrows or making little jokes? Again, this one is going to take some Sherlock Holmes skills to detect, but if you think about it–what friends don’t tease other friends about crushes? Most do.

16. He tries to impress you.

Okay, for this one take into account his personality. If he’s got a braggart, conceited and kind of full of himself personality, this is not something to consider. If he’s generally humble and not much of a show-off, him mentioning he’s inadvanced Biochemistry or he can play guitar might be a wayhe’s trying to impress you. Someone trying to impress you often means they want you to like them.

17. He treats you differently than other girls.

There are a lot of guys with many girl friends, but does he treat you differently? For example, is he extra talkative with you or does he show you extra attention? Comparing how he acts with you versus other ladies in life could be a potential sign he likes you.

18. He goes out of his way to talk to you and spend time with you.

This is the ultimate indicator. If he’s often initiating conversation or making plans, he’s interested in you. Let’s face it–a lot of dudes aren’t the best with making plans so if he’s going out of his way to spend time with you, it’s definitely a sign he’s interested. If he walks away from his group to come talk to you rather than just waving from across the campus it’s a good sign. Stopping to talk instead of just saying hello is another sign he likes you.

19. He’s there for you when you’re down.

Let’s be real–most people won’t spend a ton of time trying to comfort someone who isn’t important to them. If he notices you’re upset and tries to be there for you, that’s a great sign. If he sees your upset and just kind of texts you a sad face and runs for the hills, he’s most likely not interested in being more than a friend (or even a good friend for that matter). If he’s really into you, he’s going to be there for your ups AND downs.

20. He adds you on social media.

This might seem like a somewhat neutral thing, but staywith me. It could be a sign he likes you if he sends you a Facebook friend request shortly after you meet, adds on you on Snapchat after he gets your number and follows you on Instagram. You can bet he creeped a little, and it could possibly be creeping for the purpose of checking if you’re single. Again, this is void if your guy isn’t social media savvy and doesn’t have accounts or active ones.

So, does the dudeyou’re thinking of show some of these signs? It could definitely mean he likes you as more than a friend. Also, keep in mind that these indicatorscould also point to a really solid friendship…it’s all about you to pick up on the cues because each person is different. If he doesn’t show the majority of signs, he might not be too interested, but don’t lose up. A lot of guys express feelings differently and you could always turn up the flirting game a bit to see how that goes.

Ultimately, the best way to find out if he likes you is to beblunt.Seriously, snooping around and playing detective is good and fun, but the most accurate and quickest way to find out if he’s got butterflies is to ask him or (if it’s mutual), confess your feelings. Obviously it’s a big risk, but risk leads to reward. Like I often say to myself or anyone wondering if a dude is interested or not:Whether he likes you or not, finding out will cause you to stop wasting time you could be spendinggetting over him or time you could be spendingbeing with him!

On the other hand, here’s 7 signs he’snotinterested.

20 Signs He Likes You As More Than A Friend - ew&pt (3)

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